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A lady holding two parts of a toner cartridge while standing next to an open laser printer

Change toner in laser printer

Changing the toner in a Brother laser printer is designed to be a simple process, and Brother is ‘At your side’ to help you with each step.

not recognising ink answers

My printer is not recognising ink 

sometimes you might find your printer struggles to recognise a new ink cartridge right away, putting a stop to your printing.

A lady printing a document from a smartphone in a home office environment

How to print from your phone

Have important documents on your phone that need printing? Brother explains just how easy it is to print from your phone.

A man changing an ink cartridge in a Brother inkjet printer

What are the cheapest printers to run?

Printing doesn’t have to be expensive and with the right printer, you can print a lot cheaper. Discover the cheapest printers to run with Brother.

A man inserting a network cable into an ethernet port on the back of a printer

How to find your printer’s IP address

There are a few ways you can go about finding out your printer’s IP address. Brother explains what an IP address is and the steps you will need to take.

A lady inserting a toner cartridge into a laser printer, revealing the inner workings

How does a laser printer work?

Lasers may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but they have been used in printing for decades. They provide superb print quality with crisp text, fast speeds and generous paper handling for both home and office.

A lady wearing a red top removing a printed address label from a Brother thermal label printer which is on a desk in an office environment

How do thermal label printers work?

Thermal printers use heat rather than ink to produce labels and signage on paper, tape, ribbon or other materials. Brother explain how they work and why they're a popular choice for producing long-lasting labels.

A technician dismantling an old printer in a workshop environment

How to dispose of old printers

If your printer broke down tomorrow and couldn’t be fixed, would you know the best place to have it recycled?

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