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Illustration of a wireless home network printer padlocked and surrounded by chains

5 Ways to secure your wireless printer

Your wireless printer can be a point of vulnerability in your home network if not properly secured. Learn how to secure a wireless printer with 5 simple steps.

Two female colleagues discussing printed statistics in an office environment with a meeting around a desk in the background

How to improve work efficiency in the office

An efficient workforce is the beating heart of any highly productive organisation. Here we outline eight key actions that can raise business productivity.

Close-up of a person using a tablet device to sign in at a reception desk

How to go paperless: 8 Ways to go paperless in your business

The future of business is increasingly paperless. Here, we detail eight actions you can take to reduce the amount of paper your organisation uses.

A lady wearing a red top removing a printed address label from a Brother thermal label printer which is on a desk in an office environment

How do thermal label printers work?

Thermal printers use heat rather than ink to produce labels and signage on paper, tape, ribbon or other materials. Brother explain how they work and why they're a popular choice for producing long-lasting labels.


How to handle printer cartridges

It can be difficult to know how to manage all your printer supplies, find out how to handle your printer's toners and cartridges with Brother UK


Ink & Toners in new printers?

New printer? You might wonder if your new device comes pre-installed with ink or toner cartridges, or if you’ll need to buy them separately. 

A man printing a document from an all-in-one computer while sitting at a desk in a home office environment

How to print A3 on A4

Scaling down documents onto different sized paper has often been tricky. Brother explain how to print A3 documents on A4 paper.

not recognising ink answers

My printer is not recognising ink 

sometimes you might find your printer struggles to recognise a new ink cartridge right away, putting a stop to your printing.

A person wirelessly printing a colourful image from an iPad to a Brother inkjet printer

How to print photos from an iPhone and iPad

By cutting out the need to connect your device to your computer, you can save yourself time & effort.

A man changing an ink cartridge in a Brother inkjet printer

What are the cheapest printers to run?

Printing doesn’t have to be expensive and with the right printer, you can print a lot cheaper.

A man inserting a network cable into an ethernet port on the back of a printer

How to find your printer’s IP address

There are a few ways you can go about finding out your printer’s IP address. Brother explains what an IP address is and the steps you will need to take.

A technician dismantling an old printer in a workshop environment

How to dispose of old printers

If your printer broke down tomorrow and couldn’t be fixed, would you know the best place to have it recycled?

A lady inserting a toner cartridge into a laser printer, revealing the inner workings

How does a laser printer work?

Lasers may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but they have been used in printing for decades. They provide superb print quality with crisp text, fast speeds and generous paper handling for both home and office.

Illustration of a man sat at a desk in front of a computer display with a document being encrypted and sent securely to the cloud

How to encrypt word documents and send them securely

Working remotely often involves sending material over third-party networks such as home Wi-Fi. Learn what encryption is and how to send a document securely.

A female business owner calculating costs while sat at a desk with a notebook, calculator and laptop computer

10 Ways to cut costs in a small business

High or fluctuating costs can pose a serious risk to a business. Here we give you ten clear and simple examples of how to cut costs in a small business setting.

Male and female colleagues connecting a printer to a Wi-Fi network in a small office environment

How to connect your printer to Wi-Fi

Wireless printing is becoming the norm in both home and business settings. Here, we explain how to connect both your printer and computer to a Wi‑Fi network.

Overhead view of a Brother TN-243CMYK toner pack on a table alongside printed documents

What is the difference between a toner cartridge and a drum?

If you’ve recently invested in a laser printer for your business or home office, you should be aware you need to keep your device topped up with genuine supplies, including toner cartridges and drum units.


How to change a printer ink cartridge

When your printer supplies run low, it could be time to refill your printer ink cartridge, find out how with Brother UK. 

best printer cheapest ink answers

Best printer with the cheapest ink

Choosing your next printer shouldn’t be a daunting task. However, there are a lot of options out there that don't rack up extra hidden costs

A lady printing a document from a tablet device in a small office environment

How to print from your tablet

Want to print documents from your tablet but not sure how? Brother explain how easy it is to print from your tablet to our wireless printers.

Home office desk with notebook computer and printer in front of wood panelled staircase

The best home printer scanner

A printer scanner allows you to do both jobs with one device, but which is the best for your home. Look at the best printer scanner for home users.

A lady printing a document from a smartphone in a home office environment

How to print from your phone

Have important documents on your phone that need printing? Brother explains just how easy it is to print from your phone.

A woman printing an email from a notebook computer while relaxing on a brown leather sofa in a softly lit home living room

How to print an email

Printing an email is one of those everyday tasks that can easily get taken for granted. After all, it’s not rocket science, is it?

Close-up of a person revealing the underside of a double sided printed document

How to print double sided

There are a whole host of home or business printing requirements which call for double sided pages. Discover with Brother.

Illustration of a man sat at a table with a notebook computer, holding a document up, ready to scan to a desktop scanner

How to scan a document to computer

While hybrid working is becoming the norm, scanning software might be new for some.

A supplier discussing a service level agreement with a customer across a desk in an office environment

What is an SLA or Service-Level Agreement?

SLA is another of those terms you’ll hear a lot in business, but what does it actually mean? Why might your organisation need one? And what do they include?