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How to handle and install printer toner cartridges

Printer toner is a fine, dry powdered substance, which is used in laser printers as an alternative to ink. A toner cartridge needs to be handled with care to maintain print quality and avoid damaging the delicate housing and components.

As a result, it’s important to follow a few simple steps when installing, removing, and storing your ink cartridges to ensure you get the very best from your laser printer.

Brother Genuine Toner Cartridges have been expertly engineered to work perfectly with our industry-leading laser printers and have been independently proven to last longer and produce better results.

How are printer toner cartridges different from other cartridges?

While ink cartridges in inkjet printers spray wet ink onto paper in microscopic droplets, printer toner is dry and becomes fused to the document with heat. The toner powder is contained within a cylindrical cartridge, which you will need to install inside the laser printer’s drum unit. We’ll explain how to do this in a moment. Toner cartridges come in standard and high yield options depending on your print needs. The yield is how many pages the cartridge can print and how long it will last.

Toner cartridges are generally considered to be more economical than ink because they cost less to replace, while also offering faster printing and excellent quality, particularly for text-based documents.

How to install toner cartridges

Although installation can vary slightly depending on the make and model of your printer, there are some basic guidelines that you should always follow to handle and install your toner cartridges correctly. How to handle a printer toner cartridge:

  • Printer toner cartridges come in sealed packaging, which is designed to protect it. While storing toner in your home or office, you should always leave the cartridge inside the packaging until it is time to install it. Toner can dry out if left out of its packaging for an extended period without being used. Cartridges should also be kept horizontal during storage and they should not be exposed to any extremes in temperature. Toner can move around inside the cartridge if stored at different angles and this could lead to print issues.
  • Once you’re ready to install your toner cartridge, gently remove it from the packaging and pull out the plastic tab at the end of the cartridge in one long strip. Next, carefully rock the cartridge from side to side to evenly distribute the toner. You may want to do this over a bin in case any toner falls out.
  • Open the front cover of your printer.
  • You’re now ready to fit the cartridge into the drum unit. While some laser printers have built-in drums, Brother laser printers have removable drum units which can be replaced when needed. Put the toner cartridge into the drum unit. It should lock into place with a click. You can clean the corona wire inside the drum by sliding the small green tab on the unit back and forth a few times. Now install the drum unit with the cartridge inside back into the printer.
  • Close the front cover of your printer.

How to check for counterfeit printer toner cartridges

Independent consumer testing has shown that buying inferior alternatives is a false economy. Counterfeit ink cartridges and toner pretending to be big name brands are also illegal and dangerous, lack quality, and risk permanently damaging your printer. Industry-leaders such as Brother are working together to crack down on fakes to help protect consumers. You can usually spot counterfeit cartridges due to their poor quality, unofficial packaging, short lifespan, cheap price point, and the questionable places they are sold.

Count on Brother ink cartridges and printer toner

If you’ve invested in one of Brother’s award-winning laser printers, you will want to ensure it works at its best by buying Brother Genuine Supplies. Our toner cartridges have been proven to be better quality, longer lasting and safer than non-genuine alternatives.

Ink cartridge recycling with Brother

Not only are or printer toner cartridges among the best in the business, but you can reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact too through our recycling scheme. If you handle our genuine supplies with the necessary care, they’ll reward you with high-quality, fast, and cost-effective printing. And when you’re finished with them, we’ll take care of the rest once you send them back to us.

Toner could be the ideal print solution for your business or home depending on your particular printing needs, so it’s worth following our guidance and handling your cartridges correctly to get the very best performance and quality.


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