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Look beyond… the expensive license fee

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Accessible for everyone

From contracts and forms to reports and invoices, documents are the lifeblood of so many businesses. This means it’s vital staff have the capability to access and work with these files – while keeping confidential information secure.

Despite this necessity, PDF conversion often represents a huge expense and the commitment of a monthly licence fee. But beyond the market leader, there’s a safe, cost-effective and simple way to edit, share, collaborate and digitally sign documents. It’s a connected PDF editing and digital signature solution that gives you all the functionality and protection you need.

Look beyond print… to discover security, compatibility and savings with Brother Cloud Solutions. We’re “At your side” to drive valuable business change in PDF conversion.

... and so much more.

What can I do with document conversion software?

If your business is built on sharing, editing and collaborating on documents, this intuitive, accurate word document conversion software makes it simple.

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Connect to cloud services for easier sharing


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Create and edit accessible documents


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Convert from alternative formats


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Collaborate with other team members


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Capture signatures digitally


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Access documents from any device


The challenges of document conversion

Handling digital documents might not be the most obvious challenge of running a business, but without the right software, you’ll come up against issues of productivity, cost and compliance. That’s why Brother is “At your side” to find a cloud-connected solution that works for you.

A cost-effective alternative

Converting to PDF or creating digital signatures are often associated with specific brands, but you don’t have to settle for the expense of these renowned names. With Brother Cloud Solutions, there’s no need for a monthly license fee – and that’s just the beginning of the benefits.

An average of 70% cheaper than the market leader – with no risk of rising monthly fees.
Buy once and own forever – or enterprise customers can choose flexible-term pricing.
Protecting confidential information without printing.
Recognisable Microsoft Office-style UX allowing collaboration with multiple users.
Support for IOS, Android and a dedicated mobile app for remote workers.

Our cloud solutions partners

We combine our expertise as an innovative technology provider with the experience of some of the best names in the cloud solutions market – so you can consign your document conversion challenges to the recycle bin.

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Discover document conversion with a difference

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