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The best printers for 2023

A home printer can do many things depending on which you choose. Brother UK look at the best printers for 2023 and discuss how each category of home printer can prove an essential tool to have.

With a rise in home-based working, and the need to scan and print out hard copies of many documents, such as reports, passports, gig tickets and even flight tickets, not having somewhere to print at short notice can become a frustration. That’s why there’s sound logic in investing in a printer for your home.

But when you do, you’ll want to ensure you have the right printer for your needs. That’s why we’re directing you to the best home printers for 2023 below, to help you make an educated purchase decision.

What made us choose these best printers?

Below, we’ve looked at the various categories of best home printer available to you, highlighting what they do and how they could benefit you.

This way, it won’t matter whether you’re looking for the best printer for home use – be it primarily for a business or personal capacity – as you’ll be able to identify exactly the style of printer you need.

Inkjet printers

Whether it’s for home or office use, an inkjet printer can be a huge help, especially when it comes to printing images. Offering high-image-quality alongside extremely quick printing speeds, the best inkjet printers will have your documents with you in seconds rather than minutes, no matter what you need to print. You’ll also find these in business and home variants, which offer a mixture of A4 and A3 printing, and come in sleek and stylish designs that ensure they fit into any room with ease, including smaller office spaces.

The best inkjet printers 2023

Best inkjet printer for 2019 - Brother MFC-J6945DW
BLI Buyers Lab 2019 Pick - Brother MFC-J6945DW Colour A3 Inkjet Printer

If all this sounds like a fit for your needs, browse our range and find the best inkjet printer for you or your home office.

Laser printers

When it comes to these models, you have the option of colour laser printers or mono-only laser printers. Colour is obviously a more universal option, but depending on what you’ll use it for, you might find that you don’t need any more than mono printing. Both come in print only and all-in-one designs, that latter of which is ideal if you work from home and need to hand documents back and forth often. Meanwhile, the colour option rivals the inkjet for quality when printing photographs, due to the sharpness of the end result, while mono printers only print in black, and could be helpful if you're only printing Word documents and other copy.

The best laser printers 2023

Best laser printer for 2019 - Brother HL-L3230CDW
iF Design Award 2019 - Brother HL-L3230CDW Colour LED Laser Printer

Take a look at our colour printer and mono printer options.

Wireless printers

Almost all printers will need to be plugged into the wall to ensure they have power, but we don’t always store or set up our printers in the same location we print from. Even though many of our printers are small and compact, they’re designed to fit even the snuggest home offices, it’s nice to have options. In this case a printer that has wireless capability is something worth looking out for. These are quick and convenient and mean you can print from anywhere in your home, so there’ll be no need to sit at your desk or next to a printer all day long. Ultimately, the best wireless printer will depend on your primary usage; as inkjet, mono and colour laser printers can all be bought with wireless capability.

The best wireless printers 2023

Best wireless printer for 2019 - Brother HL-L3270CDW
iF Design Award 2019 - HL-L3270CDW Colour Wireless LED Printer

Take a look at our wireless printers and see if we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Mobile printers

If you often need to print as part of your work and you find yourself on the move a lot, a mobile printer could be for you. While you’ll still have your home office printer, these compact devices are lightweight for easy transportation, allowing you to print on the go, wherever you are. Running on wireless, you’ll find mobile printers in various sizes with varying capabilities.

The best mobile printers 2023

Best mobile printer for 2019 - Brother PJ-773
PC Mag Editors' Choice Award - Brother PJ-773 A4 Mobile Printer + Wi-Fi + AirPrint

From options specifically for receipts, labels and invoices, to larger models built for A4 and A5, you can browse our mobile printers here.

All-in-one printers

If you work from home often enough, you’ve probably been scouting for the best home office printer. But printing probably isn’t the only capability you’ll need. More often than not, you’ll find that you’ll need a scanner. And while a printer scanner would make sense here, you could get even more from your investment by looking at an all-in-one printer. Coming in both laser and mono printer models, these have a whole range of functions; printing from 18 – 50 pages per minute, paper storage drawers, scanning and fax capability. They pack the whole office experience into one small, compact device.

The best all-in-one printers 2023

Best all-in-one printer for 2019 - Brother MFC-L3710CW
iF Design Award 2019 - Brother MFC-L3710CW 4-in-1 Wireless Colour LED Laser Printer

Start your search for your all-in-one colour laser printer or all-in-one mono laser printer.

So, whether you need a printer for business purposes, on the go, or just for your general day-to-day printing, you’ll find the ideal device for your needs among the range at Brother.

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