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How to change a printer ink cartridge

When your printer supplies run low, it could be time to refill your printer ink cartridge, find out how with Brother UK.

Every printer needs cartridges. At the simplest level, cartridges provide a printer with the ink it needs to do its job. Inkjet printers spray ink from a cartridge in microscopic droplets onto the paper. Each time you print, it uses a little more ink from the cartridge. Depending on the volume and type of printing you do, your printer ink cartridges will eventually need replacing. This could be fairly regularly in a busy office or small business, or every once in a while at home.   

Changing the cartridge

If you’ve never changed the cartridge in your home or office printer before, it can seem a little daunting. However, it couldn’t be easier if you follow these simple steps. We’ve based this guidance on changing an ink cartridge on one of Brother’s award-winning printers, but the same rules broadly apply across manufacturers.  

Make sure your printer is turned on. If your printer display reads ‘No cartridge, install ink’ then it’s time to change your ink cartridge.

Ink cartridges are usually stored on the right-hand side of the printer. To start, open the front cover panel so you see where the cartridges are. There should be four - cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Your printer display will tell you which colour has run out. Each cartridge has a small lever at the top.

Click the lever to remove the old cartridge.

If you’re installing cartridges for the first time, your printer may also have a green or orange protective part in the cartridge slot, which should be taken out and put to one side, but not discarded.

New cartridges sometimes have a plastic dial, which needs to be turned until it clicks, and a protective covering, which you should remove. This is often done by swivelling a lever and gently pulling it clear.  

Once you have done this, install the new ink cartridge into its appropriate, color-coded slot in the direction indicated by the arrow on the label.

Gently insert the cartridge until it clicks into place. Do this for as many cartridges as need replacing. 

Close the front cover panel.

Your printer will now take a few minutes to prepare its ink tube system for printing. Keep your printer turned on during this period.

If any ink leaks from the cartridge and gets on your hands at any point, wash them immediately and avoid contact with your eyes. It’s important to avoid mishandling ink cartridges to prevent leakage. Spillages are more likely in inferior cartridges, which is one of the reasons we always recommend buying Brother Genuine Supplies for the highest quality and best performance.

Remember, old cartridges should never be binned and can be recycled to minimise the impact on the environment. Brother operates a quick, easy and free return and recycle programme for our genuine ink and toner cartridges. We recycle every part of your used inkjet cartridge at our dedicated facility. By recycling, you're protecting the environment and contributing to a sustainable circular economy.

How to keep on top of purchasing and replacing cartridges for your business

The amount of time you or your employees spend replacing cartridges and other printer-related maintenance can become a source of frustration. Thankfully there is a solution. Brother's managed print services can take this job off your hands by monitoring your usage and managing your business’s or organisation’s print needs, including replacing consumables and cartridges. This service can save time and money, improve efficiency, security and productivity, and reduce costs and your environmental footprint, helping your organisation become more agile and streamlined. Like all great business solutions, managed print services have been designed to make your working life easier so you’re free to focus on more strategic initiatives and achieving your key objectives.    



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