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Being a Brother partner

Our partners are the cornerstone of our business. Our mutual success is based on the principle of growth, and that’s why we’re continually innovating our services to help them enhance and develop their own portfolio of technology and solutions.

In today’s climate, the one-size-fits-all approach is limiting and impractical. We believe in being flexible and working collaboratively with our partners to help them achieve their goals.

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The pillars of our partner programme

Our partner programme focuses on generating mutual growth. To deliver against this, we’ve underpinned all activity with the pillars of longstanding channel focus, partner enablement and a rewards package that recognises excellence.


Our overarching focus on sustained, mutual growth is guided by the principle of “growing ourselves by growing others”. 

Channel focus

We want to re-affirm our “At your side” commitment to our partners and deliver on our heritage as a longstanding, channel-centric organisation.


Now, more than ever, it’s vital that you feel empowered to be truly competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace with evolving customer needs. We’re committed to supporting and upskilling partners to enable you to succeed.


A key element of successful partnerships is recognising sustained and outstanding performance, rewarding this and investing further in partners that add value. 

Aligning our corporate values

Part of being a global technology provider means recognising the impact we can have on others and the environment. We subscribe to the Brother Global Charter, which underpins activity across the Brother group. This focuses on delivering value, developing mutually beneficial relationships, fostering personal and organisational growth and acting in a fair and sustainable manner across all we do. 

We’re passionate about meeting these goals and understand that by doing so we can help everyone, from our customers and partners to our own colleagues, achieve their own. 

Our transparent codes of practice are visible in all we do: 

Trust and respect

We must always honour individuals and diversity, and act with trust and respect.

Ethics and morality

We must act with the highest integrity, respecting the culture, rules and spirit of laws, in all countries and regions where the Brother Group operates.

Challenging spirit and speed

We must consistently observe the changing world's needs, make fast decisions and take quick action, with a challenging spirit and strong sense of responsibility.


Levels of partnership

A successful partnership means more to us than just counting the numbers. We have a range of partnership levels designed to fit the performance, capability, but ultimately, aspirations of our growth partners.

  • MPS business partner
  • Solutions business partner
  • Business partner
  • Technology partner
  • Focus partner
  • Online partner

Benefits of our partner programme

Our team work closely and strategically with our partners to identify and optimise opportunities for mutual growth. Providing full consultancy, insight and assets across all ‘go to market’ opportunities, we support in driving end user awareness, acting as an extension of partners’ own sales and marketing activity.

  • Channel-centric organisation
  • Dedicated Brother account managers
  • Public sector and commercial team support
  • Bid support
  • Monthly trade and end user promotions
  • Experienced marketing managers
  • Industry knowledge and market insight
  • Technical and product support
  • UK call centre
  • Online live chat for all end user and partner queries
  • Award-winning UK recycling facility

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Our new partner programme places us firmly at the side of our partners, providing enhanced incentives and sales and marketing assets to help them succeed in the face of an evolving market landscape with customer needs that are changing rapidly. Demand for MPS will continue to grow. Not only are more organisations recognising the productivity and cost benefits that come from having access to a managed service, but IT leaders are looking for new ways of equipping dispersed workforces with better technology that they can track and manage remotely. 

- Liam Fitzgerald, head of reseller and distribution sales at Brother UK