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Look beyond… physical documents

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Digitally transforming your documents

Even in today’s digital world, so much of the information your business needs is still physically printed on paper. Harder to share, store, process and secure, traditional documents like these present a number of challenges – but there’s a Brother Cloud Solution to make document capture simple.

Capture automation enhances consistency, security and productivity to save your business time and resources. By using specialist software to capture documents, you’ll be able to transform static text into accessible, actionable information – making it easier to share, search and collaborate. And by adding an extra layer of protection for sensitive data, you’ll make sure your business is always compliant.

Look beyond paper… to discover efficient, secure and intelligent document processing with Brother Cloud Solutions.

How does document capture software work?

By transforming paper documents to digital files, document capture solutions make processing more agile, accessible and actionable.

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Scan or photograph physical documents


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Upload to the cloud


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Automate everyday documentation tasks


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Share, edit and collaborate


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Keep information secure


Physical documents: a barrier to business

Paper forms, contracts and questionnaires don’t just take up time and office space – they bring challenges that can directly impact your business. But by using Brother Cloud Solutions to capture documents, you’ll transform the physical to digital to make sure document processing never stands in the way of your success.

Once you’ve decided to implement document capture technology, there are several aspects to consider

These include the accuracy, security and validation of data during the process; necessary audit trails; and creating a flexible, customised workflow that’ll be readily adopted by staff. Our experts are “At your side” to help with all of this – working to find the right solution and supporting you through integration and beyond.

Digital documents: secure, searchable, accessible… and so much more

Adopting document capture software represents a shift to more intelligent document processing. This doesn’t just save you time, space and money – it brings a host of other valuable benefits to your business too.

Automate essential tasks and customise workflows to reduce cost and improve productivity.
Send files quickly and accurately to encourage effective collaboration.
Turn static print into a searchable document, so it’s quicker and easier to find the details you need.
Eliminate the filing cabinet and store documents safely in the cloud – and make them instantly available to anyone with access.
Sustain the highest standards of security with intelligent, content-aware capture protecting sensitive information.

Our cloud solutions partners

We combine our expertise as an innovative technology provider with the experience of some of the best names in the cloud solutions market, so you’ll have the confidence to tackle your digitisation challenges.

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Discover digital document capture

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