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Customers from all over Europe recycle their empty cartridges with Brother. We have two recycling facilities in Europe; one in North Wales and one in Slovakia. We use a centralised system, based in The Netherlands, and a pan-European postal network. This means that all of the toner cartridges arrive to us in one shipment, rather than in individual parcels, greatly reducing transport emissions.

Royal Mail and Spring Global Mail / PostNL have an agreement to ship toner cartridges using the IBRS (International Business Reply Service). They must accept your empty toner cartridge, even though it has an overseas address.

Print off the letter below and take it with you to ensure the Post Office can post your parcel.

Find out more here to see how you can post your toner cartridges through the Post Office.

Print Letter

You may notice that on our leaflet contained within the toner box, we provide you with a customs declaration. Please use this label if you wish to recycle your toner cartridge.
You can use the same free returns label as for toner cartridges, please download from this website. Just attach the label to the boxed supply (use the box and packaging which your new drum came in) and take it to the post office.
The tapes are recyclable, with our TZe Tapes 80% recyclable. Unfortunately, we do not have a take back scheme for our label printer cartridges. However, as the Tapes are predominately made up of Plastic, we would advise to attempt to recycle the tapes into your Plastic Recycling Bin dependent upon what your waste contractor/Local Authority will accept.
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