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Why choose Brother printers?

Since building the world's first high-speed Dot-Matrix printer in 1971 we’ve continued to provide reliable, high-quality printing for a range of environments and users.

From our first Laser printer, delivering high-speed products for the office market, our current array of Colour and Mono Laser, Inkjet, and Mobile Printers are now at your side, for whatever, whenever and wherever you need to print.

Whether you’re printing photos at home, promotional materials for your micro business, presentations in the office or documents across a corporate network our products deliver incredible reliability, security, and efficiency, as well as a range of digital collaboration options.

Print requirements vary vastly from user to user, so we’ve designed our ranges to incorporate this. For instance, our All-in-One printers combine the best of our technological knowledge, built up over years, to provide quality print, copy, scan and fax all from one machine. Others have been specifically configured to particular industry sectors, such as healthcare, retail, education and hospitality and leisure.

So whether you’re looking for an Inkjet, Colour Laser, Mono Laser or just want to see everything that’s wireless, networked or cloud connected, it’s as simple as applying the filters on our printer category pages. 

Buy a printer from the Information, Communication and Technology Services provider with customer service that’s truly at your side.

Learn more about Brother Earth and how we are working with you for a better environment.

Also, to get the most out of your printer, find all drivers, downloadable tools, utilities and software packages on our drivers page.

Mobile printing

As mobile working practice has become increasing popular so our mobile printer ranges have expanded and improved. If you need a compact device to print on the move, why not check out the smallest portable thermal printer on the market?

Our PJ600 and PJ700 ranges now form the printing resource for many large organisations where mobility is essential.

Improved documentation and digitisation, advanced collaboration and adding efficiency to your mobile working requirements are key to the design of our robust and reliable printers.

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