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What is the best home printer scanner for 2023?

A printer scanner allows you to do both jobs with one device, but which is the best for your home. Here, Brother look at the best printer scanner types for home users.

For more information on our product range, follow the links from here to each printer device type – depending on which suits you best – then read the latest printer scanner reviews for any that fit your requirements.

Do I need a home printer scanner?

It’s certainly true that as time moved on and tech got smaller and more portable, the smartphone became the one stop shop for many of our admin needs. But, if you find yourself needing to print various documents regularly, or if you work from home, not having instant access to printing and scanning facilities can become a serious frustration.

While the best home printer scanner may not be the same as the best home office printer, this article will outline some printers and scanners to help you decide what’s right for you, your home, and your requirements.

What makes the best home printer?

When looking for the best printer for home use, convenience is key, and this could well involve a combination of printer and scanner services. Size also plays a major role, as you’ll likely want it to fit on a desk or shelf with ease.

Wireless printers are also advantageous as they can be placed anywhere, meaning you can print quickly and easily from around the house. Below outlines the best home printer scanner types, alongside their advantages and estimated costs.

A lady using a laptop computer while sitting on a sofa in a home environment

Best inkjet printer scanners

If you’re looking for a printer that offers high-quality printing, alongside increased colour definition, then it’s an inkjet printer you’ll be looking for.

From pictures to documents that are graphic-heavy, this should be perfect for you, and many are designed for home and business use. If you’re looking for one that’s purely for home usage, you’ll find compact designs made for A4 printing, while those looking for more professional use will find larger business style printers. These are extremely useful, offering A3 printing, while also having increased mobile and cloud connectivity.

The majority of these have printing and scanning facilities, and some have the option of fax. The home styles range from around £100 to £350 this year, and business styles can start at just under £300 and go up to more than £650 for really advanced options.

Brother MFC colour laser printer on a window ledge next to a tripod floor lamp

Best home colour printer scanners

When it comes to colour laser printers, they come in both print only and all-in-one styles. Both are designed to provide highly impactful prints, and offer quick speeds and wireless connectivity, which is really handy if you find yourself always sending documents back and forth as part of your work.

While the print only may seem the better option in pricing, ranging from around £250 to £800, compared to the £400 - £1,000+ for the all-in-one models, the latter provides scanning and fax options, which are really useful in many lines of business.

Scanning for private purposes can be equally as handy, whether you’re trying to send documents for your mortgage application or making digital backups of old photographs or your children’s drawings.

A lady and gentleman working at a desk in a home office with a bookcase in the background

Best mono laser printer scanners

If you’re only printing worded documents and you don’t need anything ground-breaking, a mono laser printer could be for you.

This is probably the best printer for home use with cheap ink (although as it’s a laser printer this is technically toner), as it only uses one black cartridge. Similar to colour laser printers, they offer wireless connectivity too and also come in print only and all-in-one options.

2023 prices, however, aren’t much different at the top end for the print only, coming in at around £650. However, the bottom end is much cheaper at around £125. For all-in-one designs, you’d be looking at anywhere between £450 and £995.

No matter what your printing needs are, we’re confident we’ll have the perfect fit for you among our range. View all of our mono laser all-in-ones and colour laser all-in-ones for the most equipped and best printer scanners for 2023.


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