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From print management software that helps you reduce costs to flexible printers that are connected and multi-device compatible, our solutions keep everyone – that’s stakeholders, pupils, parents and teachers – happy. We understand that security’s also vital, so we place a huge choice privacy-protecting features, including secure scan to cloud and ID print, right at your fingertips.


 Secondary school

When it comes to finding the best solution for your school, we always do our homework. We can carry out a full audit of your entire fleet, as well as interviews with teachers and staff. This gives us the insight we need to create a hassle-free, bespoke printing solution that helps you to work smarter and ensures your budgets always stay in check. 



While we can’t stop teenagers being a handful, we can make your printing and technology solutions much easier to control. Because we know that colleges rely on speedy, flexible and, above all, cost-effective technology, Brother’s products and services like MPS are designed to increase efficiency and save you money every day.



Higher fees and increasing competition for a decreasing number of student are forcing universities to operate more like commercial businesses to stay ahead. We recognise that technology plays a vital role in providing a better student experience, so we’ll work with you to streamline your admin tasks, improve communications and save you money where it matters most.


Managed Print Services

Find out how you can better control your printing costs and be more productive with MPS.

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Success Story

Helsby High School cut print costs and improved efficiency with a Brother Managed Print Service.

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Guardian Education Seminar

How can schools ensure they are making the best use of technology?

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We understand the challenges you are facing...

Keeping records secure

Whether it’s ensuring files stay private or preventing printouts from getting into the wrong hands, our solutions help protect confidential information. 

Compatibility is key

Both teachers and students are now using a variety of different devices to get their work done – so connected, versatile printers are a must.

Time and resources are short

When you’re trying to keep to a timetable, you need budget-conscious, effective and dependable printing that won’t slow you down.

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