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Make the most out of your home office

Working from home can provide flexibility and independence, but it can also come with certain challenges. While working remotely, household distractions, communication issues with colleagues, and difficulty maintaining a work/life balance can cause dips in your productivity and focus. However, with a well-thought out home office setup and schedules in place, you can be just as productive and efficient working from home.

Our products perfectly complement the connected home office with an extensive range of mobile device and web features available across our print, scan and labelling ranges. At Brother, we make it simple for you to connect, print and share your information.

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Home office organisation guide

For many of us the home office has changed from a nice-to-have to an essential for continuing to work from home. We look at the key factors in successfully setting up a productive home office. 

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Craft hub

Get inspired and unleash your creativity as you work from home with the Brother crafting range of easy to use labelling machines and photo printers.


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Creative Center

The Brother Creative Center offers free games, printable activity sheets, colouring pages, crafts templates and more to help you seamlessly work and parent from home.

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