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What is the best printer with the cheapest ink cartridges?

Choosing your next printer shouldn’t be a daunting task. However, there are a lot of options out there, with varying price points and features for you to choose from.

Naturally, you’ll want a printer that ticks off all your needs and requirements, but you may well also be thinking about keeping running costs down, now more than ever.

That’s why many people ask what printer has the cheapest ink, and where can I find it? But it’s a little more complex than that. Instead, you’ll need a suitable printer that doesn’t rack up extra hidden costs with inefficient ink cartridges chosen just because they offer cheaper printer ink at the outset.

So how do you make the right choice in printer? Follow our top tips.

The cheap printer ink option isn’t always what it seems

Going for the printer with the cheapest ink cartridges might seem like a tempting choice when you choose your next printer. But it’s important you balance your needs and requirements, rather than going off purchase price and which printer has the cheapest ink alone.

While there are some excellent low-price printers out there, this may be something of a false economy if you have big printing requirements that the machine simply cannot meet. Even if it manages your daily demands, a cheaper machine may not do so at optimum quality, or may incur higher running costs than would otherwise be necessary if you’d invested in a more powerful machine in the first place.

Rather than going for the cheapest option out there, consider the quality and affordable built-to-last printing solutions available to you. Weigh up your requirements and do your research, ensuring you’re investing in a printer that’ll do what you need it to and will is robust enough to stand up to your required workload.

Consider printers which offer the option of high yield ink and toner cartridges. This allows your initial investment in a printer to go even further, as you save money in the long run with lower running costs. In other words, while you might pay more for the ink up front, in the long run, you’re getting the best printer for cheap ink when the returns are considered.

Find the type of printer that’s most economical for you

Next up on your list of consideration for choosing your new printer is what you’ll need to use it for. It goes without saying that you’ll want to be able to print, however with an all-in-one device you’ll be able to save on buying separate devices for different functions.

You’ll find plenty of 3-in-1 printing solutions available at affordable prices, perfect if you regularly need to print, scan and copy documents. If you find you regularly need to fax, you’ll also find a good selection of affordable 4-in-1 printing solutions on the market too.

Don’t be tempted by third-party ink supplies

When looking for cheap printer ink cartridges, it’s easy to get lured in by third-party compatible and counterfeit options. These are supplies which are designed to work in your printer, but are produced by someone other than your printer’s manufacturer.

It’s certainly true that these can come at cut down price tags. But once again, you may be being tricked into a false economy. That’s because non-genuine supplies usually use lesser quality materials, offering you lower or inconsistent yields that mean cartridges need replacing more often, along with poorer finishes on your prints. What’s more, many of these can’t be recycled and may have been made unethically.

Though they may cost more than some options, you’ll usually get more for your money (and protect your device) by opting for genuine supplies from your printer’s manufacturer.

Choose Brother

Whether you need a printer for use at home or in a small office, consider an all-in-one printing solution from Brother. Choose from a wide range of printing solutions with features that are tailored to your needs, from wireless connectivity to fast print speeds.

Not only can your Brother printer save you money with its multifunctionality, but you’ll also benefit from a host of cost-saving features. With automatic 2-sided printing you can cut down on paper costs, whilst limiting your environmental impact. Save on your energy bills with low power settings. Keep down the cost of inks and toners with ink saver modes enabled – and of course with Brother Genuine high yield printer cartridges you’ll be able to keep on printing for longer before your next cartridge replacement.

When it comes to choosing the best and cheapest printing solution, your best choice is Brother. Choose from a range of cost-effective, all-in-one printing options to suit the needs of your home or office, all built-to-last so your printer will keep on printing for longer.

Start your search for your all-in-one colour laser printer or all-in-one mono laser printer.

So, whether you need a printer for business purposes, on the go, or just for your general day-to-day printing, you’ll find the ideal device for your needs among the range at Brother.


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