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Brother Scanners in Education

Find out more about our Direct Scan Solution for users of Capita SIMS software. Improve your efficiency in storing school records digitally with quicker scanning, fewer errors and easier document search - all made easy with the Brother ADS-2600We scanner and an advanced piece of software that acts as your personal digital filing assistant.

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Brother Scanners for Legal Services

The ADS range of Brother desktop scanners come complete with a suite of software for PC and Mac. These high speed, feature-rich, fully networked and reliable office scanners are optimised for improved business efficiency and employee productivity. Digitise your case documents accurately and quickly, leaving you to move on to more valuable tasks.

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Introducing the ADS-3600W

Wireless high speed network scanner - perfect for sharing and scanning tasks in the office.


Software Options

Integrate your scanner with certified independent software including ABBYY and Kofax.