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Network labelling. Made Simple.

Brother’s specialist, mobile labelling technology is designed for network cabling, supporting you in every job, no matter how sophisticated. 

Brother’s range of label printers and durable tapes are built for truly portable printing to make your life easier on site. Working fast, creating accurate, compliant solutions with labelling tapes that are tested to the extreme to be waterproof and resistant to fading and scratches. Brother’s print solutions’ in-built functions are developed for common network labelling applications, putting choice at your fingertips. 

Brother’s technology gives you the confidence your label will be legible and compliant for the next engineer, whether that’s next week, or years later. Our labels are made to stay readable for at least 25 years on internal applications.

Brother has a strong heritage of working with installers to develop the labelling solutions you need for your everyday work.   


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Why identify your network infrastructure and cables with Brother label printers?

Icon depicting Network Infrastructure Identification

Quickly locate

Clearly identified cables, equipment and patch panelsare crucial to the running of your network infrastructure.

Icon depicting Network Infrastructure Compliance

Be compliant

Comply with ANSI/TIA-606C and ISO/IEC 14763-2 standards that specify durable, long-life identification labels must be used.

Icon depicting Network Infrastructure Maintenance

Speeds up maintenance

Maintenance and testing is made easier thanks to clearly labelled cables and equipment. 

Icon depicting Network Infrastructure Troubleshooting

Aids troubleshooting

Easily find faulty equipment and cables to ensure immediate repair and minimum downtime.


Fast, compliant labelling technology tested to the extreme

When you’re on site, you need the kind of tech that can go the distance, anytime and anywhere. 

That’s why Brother builds its labellers to last, good-to-go right out of the box, ready to become part of your kit that you won’t want to be without.

From creating cable identifiers to patch panel and network rack labels to fibre-to-the-home and FTTX street labelling, Brother’s specialist devices and tapes are built with you in mind. However, sophisticated the networks you’re working on are, Brother is at your side with labelling solutions that make professional, compliant labelling easy. 


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Label printers for network infrastructure identification

Streamline your network identification with our free apps

Mobile device ready to transmit new cable ID's to Brother PT-E550W label printer

iLink&Label and Pro Label Tool apps

  • Brother iLink&Label connects to your Fluke Networks Linkware Live projects, transfers your cable and equipment ID's to the Wi-Fi enabled PT-E550WNIVP to quickly print multiple identification labels by selecting the range of ID labels on printer's display.

  • With the Pro Label Tool app you can choose from pre-designed label templates or create custom labels for faceplates, cables and network equipment directly on your smartphone, and print them wirelessly to your Wi-Fi enabled label printer.

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iLink&Label app  Pro Label Tool app

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What can I use to label cables?

Brother PT-E550WNIVP professional network identification label printer kit being held in the hand of a network installer

Professional handheld label printer kit for cable and equipment ID

The PT-E550WNIVP is a portable, rechargeable label printer with dedicated quick keys and functions to easily create labels for marking your CAT5e/CAT6A, optical fibre and other cables, patch panels, equipment and more. 

  • Create durable labels up to 24mm in width with laminated tapes tested to the extreme  
  • Integrated automatic label cutter with a half cut option, perfect for printing sequential labels for quick and easy application  
  • P-touch editor software to design and print compliant labelling for every job and add your company logo, names and dates 
  • Long-lasting rechargeable Li-ion battery pack 
  • Includes self-laminating and strong adhesive tapes, battery, AC adapter and carry case 


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Professional label printing for the modern office

  • Prints labels up to 24mm in width
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Connect through your PC or via your NFC-enabled device
  • Up to 30mm per second print speed
  • Automatic tape cutter with half cut for easy-to-peel labels
  • Add a logo, symbol or frame to your labels
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SRP £166.80 Inc. VAT | SRP £139.00 Ex. VAT

Professional PC connectable label printer with wired network and integrated Wi-Fi

  • Create durable labels up to 36mm in width
  • High speed and high resolution printing
  • Wired network & Wi-Fi to print labels from several devices at once, including tablets/smartphones
  • Advanced cutter with easy label peel function
  • Include images, barcodes and frames on your labels
  • Connect to data contained in spreadsheets to batch print many labels at once
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SRP £514.80 Inc. VAT | SRP £429.00 Ex. VAT

Portable Wi-Fi certified label printer to produce ANSI/TIA-606-C and ISO/IEC 14763-2 compliant labels for cables, patch panels, faceplates, equipment and more. Uses durable P-touch Pro Tapes for reliable, long-term labelling.

Wi-Fi enabled label printer for network infrastructure identification

  • Dedicated functions for cable, patch panel and faceplate labelling
  • Free app to print multiple cable IDs stored in your Fluke Networks Linkware Live account
  • Design and print labels from your PC
  • Advanced cutter keeps labels in sequential order and easy-to-peel
  • Includes self-laminating and strong adhesive tapes, AC adapter, li-ion battery and carry case
  • Prints 3.5, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24mm labels
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High speed, high resolution label printer

  • Create durable labels up to 36mm in width
  • High speed and high resolution printing
  • Professional keyboard with integrated graphic backlit LCD smartphones
  • Many built-in label templates for easy label creation
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to print labels from tablets and smartphones
  • Advanced cutter with easy label peel function
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SRP £430.80 Inc. VAT | SRP £359.00 Ex. VAT

The powerful labelling package for the professional

  • Prints hard-wearing labels up to 18mm wide
  • Up to 20mm per second print speed + 5 lines of print
  • QWERTY style keyboard + 15 character, 2-line, backlit LCD screen
  • Time and date printing function, 168 electrical and audio/visual specific symbols
  • Convenient manual cutter with pause function
  • Comes with carry case, wrist strap and rechargeable Li-ion battery pack
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SRP £142.80 Inc. VAT | SRP £119.00 Ex. VAT

A powerful apprentice for electricians which comes with an added carry case 

  • Create durable labels up to 12mm in width
  • Dedicated functions for common labelling tasks
  • 200 symbols including electrician, audio visual and Network Infrastructure
  • Built-in cutter for accurate labelling
  • Includes AC adapter, full length 8m flexi id black on white tape cassette and handy carry case
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SRP £71.99 Inc. VAT | SRP £59.99 Ex. VAT