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A man using Brother's iPrint&Label app on a tablet device to print a return shipping label on a Brother label printer, with packing boxes in the background.

How To Create A Return Shipping Label | Brother UK

Whether you're setting up a new business venture or are just new to sending parcels, Brother explain how to create your own return shipping labels.

Of course, like so many important signs and labels that we come across every day, we probably don’t give much thought to how shipping return labels are created. That is, until we need to make one for our own business or personal use. Shipping and return shipping labels are a vital part of e-commerce logistics and display all the key information needed to ensure a package gets from A to B, and back again if necessary.

How to print address labels

Standard shipping labels feature information such as address and postcode, destination country, tracking numbers, contents, weight, validation and more. You will also see barcodes, numbers, and letters for scanning. As well as enabling a package to be safely delivered, these codes also allow parcels to be tracked throughout their journey. In the case of return shipping labels, they display the information relating to the business where the package came from and contain pre-populated postal and delivery details that enable customers to easily and safely return parcels, often at no cost.

If you need to print your own address labels either for business or home use, you have a variety of options. Large organisations may have pre-designed templates to use, or work with a private courier and mail service, but if you’re running your own business or working from home then you will have to design and print your own labels or find a third-party solution. If you’re a customer, it is sometimes possible to download return labels online, either from the website of the business you’re returning the product to, or a mail service such as Royal Mail. You could print this off at home on a standard printer and attach the label to the package, or more conveniently use a label printer to print exactly what you need, without the need for any ink or toner.

However, if you’re a business owner and you need shipping labels and return labels for your customers then you will likely want to create more professional, durable, and high-quality labels that help enhance your brand and reputation, as well as avoiding undelivered packages and even fines for late delivery. Thankfully, there are a wide range of desktop, handheld and portable label printers available for home, offices, and all other business types.

How to use a Brother label printer

Brother printers have been trusted to print high-quality custom labels for more than 30 years by businesses and individuals alike. With Brother ‘At your side’, your business can create return shipping labels on demand, from your workplace, home, or on the move, using a wide choice of paper or durable media.

Custom labels can help give your business a professional edge so it’s important to use a manufacturer you can trust. Brother’s QL range is ideal if you have a small or home business and need to occasionally print address and shipping labels. You can use die-cut and continuous length label rolls, print from PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets, and there are various connectivity options including wired, wireless and Bluetooth. The QL-600G Postage and Address Label Printer, for example, is smart, compact and sits neatly on a desk, with an integrated cutter so you can print labels to whatever length you require. If your business needs to print labels in higher volumes, the QL range also has you covered. The high speed QL-810W can quickly print labels from your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet – meaning multiple users can connect to the same device through the intuitive iPrint&Label app. Thanks to the integrated P-touch Editor Lite label design software it is easy to use as well as fast - simply connect to your computer, click the icon to launch the software, design and print your labels. You can also use the advanced P-touch Editor label design software to add barcodes, images, and other advanced features. You can even produce labels with both black and red print without the need for ink or toner - ideal for highlighting important information on a label. Brother’s free P-touch Editor label design software can be used across Brother’s QL range.

Using a Brother label printer, such as the QL-810W, to create an address label couldn’t be easier.

  1. First connect your Brother label printer to your computer.
  2. Identify the label size and type you need from Brother DK continuous rolls and pre-sized die-cut labels that are quick and easy to peel.
  3. Use Brother’s free label editing software to customise your labels. You can import existing graphic files, create logos and use custom art.
  4. If you have chosen to use a Brother DK roll you can drop this into the printer quickly and easily then close the top cover. The printer will automatically detect the size. It only takes a second and this ensures labels are installed correctly, every time.
  5. Once you’re ready, click print.

If you’re printing wide format shipping labels from a third-party mail service, such as Royal Mail Click and Drop, using a Brother QL printer, such as the QL1100 or QL1110NWB, you can also use Adobe Acrobat to save the label as a PDF, take a snapshot and save the selected graphic as a landscape image for correct printing as a four inch width (101.6mm) label.

Watch the tutorial here: 

Shipping labels are a key point of contact with your customers and can give your packaging a real competitive edge. They are also essential for successful e-commerce and logistics across a vast range of industries. If you’re posting packages, it’s absolutely vital to have high-quality, durable shipping and return labels with crisp text, images and barcodes, which you can print quickly and efficiently.

Whatever your labelling needs and what size business you are, Brother has a desktop, handheld and portable label printer for you, with a range of software, support, and customisable accessories to ensure you can meet your business challenges head on.

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