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Providing our people with opportunities and encouragement to grow and develop means that we have an engaged workforce with the skills required for the future, positioning us as one of the UK’s top employers. This enables us to attract and retain the best talent within our industry.

We uphold our strong environmental stance and endeavour to continue to make improvements throughout the business.

We also work hard to embody our brand promise of ‘At Your Side’, delivering excellent customer service and experiences wherever we can.

Over recent years, we have placed a much greater emphasis on self-development, equipping our people for a world which is changing at pace. To enable us to do this better, we have invested in an online platform, providing instant access to our Learning and Development Programme for all colleagues.

Our Employee Engagement Toolkit is designed to offer both academic learning and vocational experiences, meeting the diverse needs of our people. Whilst some may choose qualifications in work-related topics, others can choose to support our schools programmes and apprenticeships or participate in community projects. Whether building their own knowledge or passing on skills to others, everyone benefits.

As one of the largest employers in our area, we have a responsibility to help where we can and to facilitate the work of others. We focus on developing young talent within our community through our School’s Programmes. While our Volunteering Programme provides useful resources for local organisations.

Building a fit for purpose business


Creating a sustainable future

Ensuring we create a sustainable future for all, we continue to work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These address the global challenges we all face. We’re proud to be meeting each of these goals, ahead of the global target of 2030.

Find out how we are meeting these goals


Investing in People

Digital Marketing is a constantly changing channel, meaning it’s important to keep training levels high. Brother UK recognises this and supports both my professional and personal development, through courses and attendance at key events and conferences. It’s a real boost to work somewhere that takes learning and development so seriously. They’ve recently supported my professional development through an IDM Post Graduate Diploma. Studying around work was challenging but was made so much easier by the backing of my Brother UK colleagues.

- Lisa Watkinson, Senior Digital Marketing Manager


Building a fit for purpose business

It’s important to embrace change in the workplace culture and understand what drives these changes. With a shift of expectation from existing employees and a new generation of workforce who want to work in vibrant, inspiring offices, no doubt every workplace across the country has experienced some form of change, big or small. In recent years, as a result of new technology and younger generations joining the team, we also felt this shift, so committed to investing into creating an amazing place to work at Brother UK.

These changes, for us were diverse. From how we communicate within our business (using technology, such as Yammer and SharePoint, to enable instant access to information and collaboration no matter where a colleague was working), to increasing open plan working spaces, making them informal and relaxing, but also increasing meeting space for people who needed time away from the buzz of the office.

None of these were ground breaking or even expensive changes to make, they just took some time to think through. Importantly though they have helped us to create a better working environment.

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