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Creating a sustainable future

Ensuring we create a sustainable future for all, we continue to work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These address the global challenges we all face. We’re proud to be meeting each of these goals, ahead of the global target of 2030.


We continue to support local charities and community groups which work with vulnerable individuals who present with multiple needs and/or are at risk within the community.


We’re dedicated to providing opportunities and experiences to our next generation of workforce. Ensuring the sustainability of our future talent through our educational commitments.


100% of our electricity supply from EDF Energy is backed by renewable energy. Ensuring we have a much lower environmental impact as a business and promote the use of clean energy.


Our succession planning and Learning and Development Programme aims to eradicate inequality in the business and sector. We also aim to reduce inequalities in our community by working with individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds and that present with learning difficulties to provide them with development opportunities and work experiences.


Brother Earth reduces the burden on the environment and resolves environmental issues around the world. As part of a global initiative we support our partners Cool Earth in protecting communities, halting deforestation of rainforests and climate change.


We place great importance on the care of our corporate governance and accountability. To maintain a robust and ethical business we seek and ensure compliance with a great number of ISO standards and other accreditations.


Our long-term commitment to local community groups, charities and events ensure we support those who require some of the most basic things in life.


We’re proud to be recognised as a business proactive in creating inclusion for all, winning “Best Medium Business” for diversity and gender balance at the Norther Power Women Awards.


We are active members on local council boards and continue to create and provide strong working opportunities to support better economic growth for our community.


As one of the largest businesses in the Tameside area, we feel we have a responsibility to assist our local community where we can and take action by focusing on four key areas: Enterprise, Education, Elderly and The Arts. This support is offered in numerous ways, our preferred method of engagement is ABCD (Asset Based Community Development).


Our colleagues continue to work regularly with the Tameside Greenspace team and take responsibility to ensure the local community benefits from clean and clear water that is free from invasive alien species such as, Japanese knot weed and Himalayan balsam.


Utilising our Responsible Business Programme and commitment to all activities within it by aligning to these Sustainable Development Goals, we aim to share best practice with others, generating valued and sustainable partnerships for the future.


We provide events offering health checks and lifestyle advice for colleagues. We also support mental health well-being and have a dedicated team of sixteen mental health first aiders.


Partnering with the Cool Earth charity, as part of a global company initiative, we have supported their incredible impact – producing 68,527,604,000 litres of water each year through their projects.


‘At your side’, fostering innovation and delivering technology solutions. Our award-winning products, solutions and services are designed to improve cost efficiency, security, productivity and workflow.


Accomplishing major milestones such as zero waste to landfill through adherence to the 5R approach, we are the only North West business to meet the industry leading Valpak standard and have retained certification for over nine years. We partner with suppliers based on shared vision and values to raise environmental and social awareness.


Our partnership with the Tameside Greenspace team further serves to maintain and provide more sustainable areas within our local community, making a positive impact on our woodland and greenspace areas, wildlife and inclusion for volunteers.

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Creating a sustainable future