Brother’s Global Vision for the 21st century (GV21) was originally adopted in 2003 and is now in its sixth three-year phase, CS B2021, which runs from 2019 to 2021. It sets out three overarching long-term goals for the business:

  • to become a leading global company with high profitability
  • to become a world-class manufacturer by developing outstanding proprietary technologies
  • to embody our motto, “At your side”, right across our business and beyond.

We cannot achieve these goals working in isolation. Our ability to grow and thrive as a company, and to achieve happiness and fulfilment for our people, depends on the success of a much bigger ecosystem that incorporates our customers, our supply chain partners, our local and global communities and the environment as a whole. This holistic approach is set out in the Brother Global Charter, which defines 6 key stakeholders:

  • Customers
  • Our associates – everyone who works for the Brother Group
  • Business partners
  • Shareholders
  • Local community
  • The environment

Our building blocks cover the following areas:


We know that it is only by constantly adapting, improving and making a positive difference in everything we do that we can achieve the staying power it takes to keep thriving over many decades.

Attitude and execution

Adopting new ideas and taking on new challenges is essential to moving with the times, so we ask all of our colleagues to adopt this approach in their daily working lives.


The expertise in our business does not reside solely in our senior management. Far from it. Our best ideas come from right across our organisation. We believe it is essential for our leadership style to reflect this, so our mind-set is non-hierarchical. That means we celebrate initiative-taking and disruptive thinking in all of our people.


We are committed to continually upskilling our people through a well-structured development programme, so that everyone in the business is not just equipped to deliver great service to customers, but to maximise their achievements in all aspects of their lives.At the same time, a compassionate approach – understanding the pressures our people face in their lives and lending our support wherever possible – is embedded into our culture.


We have three behaviours that encapsulate how we translate this culture into everything we do, every day. These are: Personal Responsibility in Delivering Excellence (PRIDE), Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM) and, perhaps most importantly, the Brother brand promise, “At your side”, which is the bedrock on which everything is built.