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Corporate Social Responsibility Global Vision Building Blocks

To deliver our Global Vision for the 21st Century (GV21) and our Corporate Strategy for Brother UK to Transform 2018, we have changed the fundamental ways in which we operate. We have developed a strategy to transform the business by the end of 2020 taking us to our GV21, ensuring we are sustainable for the future. Much of what we do today is a direct result of this work.

Being sustainable means having a business which is fit for purpose. This is critical to future success and it is the only way to ensure jobs for the long term. To do this we need to be resilient to change. Much of our learning and development focus is on creating what we refer to as “T” shaped employees, who have a great depth of knowledge in a specific area and a broad range of skills and experience. The Learning and Development Programme allows our colleagues to improve themselves and develop new skills, regardless of age, ability or previous experience. Our attitude is one of alacrity, being in a happy state of readiness – willing and able to execute new ideas.

Our leadership model is built on a growth mindset, having a continuous focus on professional and personal development. We operate non-hierarchical teams, where everyone’s voice is given equal weight. These teams change according to the task in hand, providing agile resources for projects, making sure the right talent is solving the right problems. Our culture has developed into one of continuous learning. When people are well developed in their professional and personal skills, they have the confidence to challenge the status quo, to suggest new ways of working and to speak up if something is not right. They also have the compassion to work with colleagues and communities in a constructive and inclusive way.

Behaviours are driven by our company values of PRIDE (Personal Responsibility in Delivering Excellence), TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) and the Brother brand promise of ‘At Your Side’ – the cornerstone of our business ethos.

To ensure we focus on the right things at the right time, we benchmark our business processes with the help of Investors in People, who provide an excellent framework to guide our people management. We also take great care to maintain high levels of corporate governance and accountability, ensuring that we remain compliant with all of our ISO standards (ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and BS OHSAS ISO18001 Occupational Health and Safety).