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Diversity and inclusion

We know and appreciate that not everyone is the same. It’s the reason our Learning and Development programme has both an academic track and a vocational one. It’s also the reason we invest in Neuro-linguistic training for managers, so that we can ensure everyone understands our personal differences and is equipped to deal with them.

We’ve also launched a Diversity and Inclusion Programme, and a new internal network, to promote the discussion of diversity in the workplace.


Health and Wellbeing

We have undertaken a number of mental health training sessions within the business this year. Over 175 people have attended our ‘Healthy Minds’ sessions, starting with an introduction to mental health in May, which focused on reducing stigma, normalising mental health, recognising signs in others and actionable CBT strategies for managing stress.

As we continue to work towards removing the stigma around mental health, we will focus on supporting the younger groups within our workplace setting, offering them training, development and coaching to support resilience and mental strength. These tools will enable them to excel in a fast paced industry and flex their style when working towards career goals.


The Growth Company

Brother UK not only work with The Growth Company to develop their own workforce; they are also committed to work side-by-side with us to support organisations across the North of England to continuously improve. Brother is an inspirational organisation that demonstrates true community engagement through sharing best practice and opening their doors to allow others to see how they lead, manage and develop their people. We are proud to work closely with them.

Kathryn Walker, Head of Business Development, The Growth Company

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