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Portrait and bio of Kate Ashworth to celebrate international women's day

Kate Ashworth

Legal and Compliance Manager

Portrait and bio of Tina Ditcher to celebrate international women's day

Tina Ditcher

Credit Controller

Portrait and bio of Sameera Liton to celebrate international women's day

Sameera Liton

Legal and Compliance Assistant

Portrait and bio of Julia Harrison to celebrate international women's day

Julia Harrison

Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Portrait and bio of Dannii Foster to celebrate international women's day

Dannii Foster

Internal Reseller and Central Administration Manager

Portrait and bio of Isobel Hall to celebrate international women's day

Isobel Hall

Organisational Development and Sustainability Administrator


Careers, not just jobs

Nurturing people and helping them to grow both professionally and personally is at the heart of our approach to ensuring every one of our colleagues flourishes. Having developed our learning and development programme over many years, we believe it’s one of the best.

The training we provide is tailored according to each colleague’s role and centres on developing the skills that will help them achieve their own goals and ambitions. This covers a host of areas, including leadership development, sales training and digital skills development, alongside “softer” social and personal effectiveness skills.

Because learning and development is an integral aspect of each of our colleagues’ roles, we have gone to great lengths to ensure the process is as easy-to-access and transparent as possible.


The Growth Company

Brother UK not only work with The Growth Company to develop their own workforce; they are also committed to work side-by-side with us to support organisations across the North of England to continuously improve. Brother is an inspirational organisation that demonstrates true community engagement through sharing best practice and opening their doors to allow others to see how they lead, manage and develop their people. We are proud to work closely with them.

Kathryn Walker, Head of Business Development, The Growth Company

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