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Apprenticeship Ambassador Programme

As part of our Apprenticeship Programme, we have committed to strengthening our internal Ambassador Network. This is led by Gemmer Crozier who was one of our original apprentices. The aim of the programme is that all Brother apprentice ambassadors work within our community to positively promote their successful apprenticeship journey.

Two of our past apprentices, who have now secured full-time positions, took part in the Apprenticeships Live campaign to share their experience with a wide range of schools and colleges. All of our ambassadors continue to support our local education activity to inspire and motivate students in the local area.


Apprenticeship inspiration

My apprenticeship at Brother UK has not only built my confidence massively, it has also allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. The main thing I have gained from my apprenticeship is confidence and i feel this is one of the most important factors for your future career.

Apprenticeships are an excellent way to learn like you would in education but instead you're working in an office environment.

- Caitlyn Bloor, Marketing Development Apprentice


Reaching out to others

Having been shortlisted for Apprentice of the Year, Gemmer Crozier was invited to give a keynote speech about her apprenticeship experience to an audience of 350 businesses, training providers, public sector organisations and charities regarding her apprenticeship journey.

The purpose of Gemmer attending this event as the leader of our Apprenticeship Ambassador Programme was to raise awareness and successfully promote apprenticeships by explaining the positive impact they have on businesses and individuals. By sharing her journey, she showed that an apprenticeship can be a great start to a future career and hopefully encouraged others to take up an apprenticeship.

Gemmer’s speech was such a success that other businesses and training providers have now approached her to visit them and discuss the impact an apprenticeship can have.


Sharing the journey

Gemmer Crozier attended St Ambrose Barlow RC High in Swinton where she shared her apprenticeship journey with 200 year nine students. She also got the chance to take part in a round table event with Minister of State Anne Milton (Department for Education) to discuss the government’s support of apprenticeships.


Co-hosting Leaders of the Future

The BOSS Federation held a Leaders of the Future Conference in London to encourage employers to develop apprenticeship programmes. Aaron Hopkinson co-hosted the conference as part of his committee membership. Our Junior Digital Marketing Assistant, Jessica Wilbraham also attended.They networked and shared their experiences with fellow members.


National Apprenticeship Week

During National Apprenticeship Week, we went all out to promote the benefits of apprenticeships to both employees and employers, engaging both young people and the business community. Our own apprentice colleagues shared their inspirational stories on social media and visited four local schools to discuss their experiences with pupils.

The sessions attended by the apprentices covered topics such as how to access apprenticeships and what employers look for in potential apprenticeship candidates. The visits were also part of our Big Brother Mentoring programme, which contributes to the personal development of young people aged between 14 and 16, giving them practical skills to make them more employable in the long term.

A showcase network event saw our sustainable development coordinator, Gemmer Crozier, one of the longest-serving ambassadors, give a passionate insight into her apprenticeship journey and how the programme helped her career develop to an audience including the Mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham.

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