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The GM Enterprise Adviser Network

Greater Manchester is investing in its young people, to inspire and prepare them for the fast changing world of work. The GM Enterprise Adviser Network, delivered in partnership with The Careers and Enterprise Company, bridges the gap between education and employers; enabling business leaders to work strategically with schools to guide and influence the development and implementation of an effective and innovative careers and employer engagement plan. The result...schools and young people are well networked and informed to achieve their full potential. 

'The network has allowed Brother UK to fully support the careers aspirations of the students local to our operations.  It’s extremely rewarding to see the students really connect with something they had not considered as a career, especially where there is a local skills gap.  This approach is really helping to secure future business growth and develop young students into top talent that organisations can tap into to ensure they have the skills to continue to be sustainable for the future'

- Sam Johnson, Organisational Development Manager, Brother UK

Opportunities for everyone

The strong focus we have on activities local to our office means that our colleagues who live outside the area can’t participate in the same way.

This year, we made our Community Engagement Programme more flexible, enabling our none office based colleagues the opportunity to get involved. One example of this is Liam Fitzgerald who joined the BEE Mentoring Programme. This London-based charity is set up to provide mentors for young people during their GCSE year with the aim of improving exam results and giving them support and skills during a very tough period.

Liam’s mentee was selected from students at his old school and Liam was able to work with him, helping prioritise school work and providing a sounding board to discuss options post-GCSEs.

Liam found the experience very rewarding and recommends mentoring programmes as a means of self-development. He found the work challenging but learned lots about himself and his own capabilities. Learn more about Brother's Education solutions here.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) initiatives

We continue to support several industry days, The Tameside Hack and National Careers Week, all with a continued emphasis on STEM subjects.


We’re investing in the future workforce

Last week was another busy one, with two more young people shadowing our team on work experience. Izzy and Sadie worked across sales, marketing, finance and legal – so they were ready for a well-earned rest over the weekend!


Audenshaw Mock Interviews

We visited Audenshaw School for Boys doing the 2023 mock interviews to prepare the students for the world of work. As one of the largest businesses in Tameside, we continue to support the long-term employability of local young people.


National Careers Week

We hosted an Industry Networking Event at Audenshaw School to inform year seven and eight students about the world of work. A wide range of local business professionals shared their stories.


Work experience

We host work experience placements for students, giving them a taste of the real world of work.


Emma Sercombe, The Prince's Trust team manager

It was great to have support from Brother UK with our Prince’s Trust Team Programme. Gemmer was really helpful in organising the two days and the team who ran the sessions were really welcoming and engaging. They had put a lot of thought into the activities to make them interesting and suitable for the participants. Visiting a real workplace is a really important opportunity for our young people.

Get in touch to discuss community engagement opportunities