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Staff printing from different printers whilst using printsmart secure pro

PrintSmart Secure Pro

Additional features to help keep your business printing environment secure by controlling document access on the printers.

Entering a PIN code to use the printsmart security features

How PrintSmart Secure Pro helps

PrintSmart Secure Pro enables employees to release a print job from any chosen printer with its pull printing feature. Besides enhancing security, this feature helps save your employees’ time by avoiding queues normally found at office copiers.

Additionally, users will need to authenticate the print job using a unique PIN code or ID card – meaning only they have access to their printed data. This avoids potential fines as a result of losing or leaking sensitive data when it is left unattended at the printer.

Users can also scan directly to their email address with the simple push of a button - further improving file security and saving time for your IT and office staff.

With PrintSmart Secure Pro, your business will benefit from:

  • All the features and benefits of PrintSmart Cost Control
  • Additional print security features such as pull printing
  • Up to 25% reduction in print costs

 Brother printsmart being used in an office

Four key security features of PrintSmart Secure Pro

  • Pull Printing - This allows the user to release their print job from any chosen device by entering a PIN code at the control panel, or swiping an ID card directly on the printer as well as on an attached reader. Any job that does not get ‘pulled’ is deleted based on a pre-set length of time.
  • ID Card Readers - A range of network and USB card readers are available for many technology types including Mifare, HID, EM, Indalla and Magstripe.
  • ScanDirect - This allows the user to scan directly to their email address. By using an Active Directory account, the user can scan directly to their PC, tablet or smartphone for enhanced security.
  • Mail2Print - Allows users to simply send and collect a print job from any mobile device that supports email.

Printing a report of print jobs using printsmart

PrintSmart Secure Pro protects against data breaches – reducing the chances for potentially large fines.

Andy Johnson, Head of Product Management, Brother UK

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