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Remote Panel - remote access in real- time

With the Remote Panel* upgrade, compatible Brother business devices have a practical solution that enables the IT department or external IT service providers to troubleshoot remotely. The control panel can be accessed remotely directly from the IT service provider's PC.

The Remote Panel upgrade works in real time and offers a completely interactive interface to the corresponding device. IT service providers can access all functions of the printer, including the maintenance mode.

It enables quick diagnosis and problem resolution, with the ability to change settings as easily as if you were in front of the device.

*RRP: £99 excluding VAT.

How can you benefit from the Remote Panel upgrade?

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Time saving

Quickly and easily resolve any printer issues without the need for an engineer to be on site.

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Centralised support

Simplify your IT support by having everything under one roof.

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Thanks to secure communication channels, all data is securely encrypted. 

Frequently asked questions

The Remote Panel upgrade offers a time- and cost-efficient way of understanding service and diagnostic requirements using Web Based Management (EWS).

The Remote Panel upgrade can only be used with a compatible Brother device. If you are unsure of the eligibility or compatibility criteria, we recommend contacting your reseller or Brother office to get started.

If Brother is your existing or preferred printer manufacturer, Remote Panel offers the option of performing diagnostics via remote access and thus reducing device downtime. This solution can also be used for training and demonstration purposes.

The Remote Panel upgrade only works with compatible Brother devices that have been activated with this function. To activate Brother Services, a license key is required, which is available for the following devices:

Yes, a compatible Brother machine is required to upgrade the Remote Panel. In addition to the hardware, a solution for remote access to the network in which the compatible Brother device is located is required to use the Remote Panel upgrade (e.g. via VPN).

Remote access to a device must always be enabled on-site at the device. Unauthorised access from outside is therefore not possible. The virtual representation of the device display is controlled via a web browser and is encrypted with SSL.

As soon as the end user has given the service technician access via the Remote Panel upgrade, they can access the entire touchscreen and control panel as well as the maintenance mode.

Our free Brother Software License Management Tool is the best way to activate the features of your purchased upgrades. To activate the Remote Panel upgrade, send a valid license key to the desired device.

More information on activation