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Maximum performance through perfect compression

The ThinPrint Client* upgrade enables successful communication with the ThinPrint Engine. Thanks to the compression process, ThinPrint Client offers indispensable printing convenience with fast print output and a considerable reduction in the load on your network, as the data volume when transferring print jobs is reduced by up to 98%.

With the ThinPrint Client upgrade, many other advantages of ThinPrint technology can also be used, such as broad support for the finishing options.

*RRP: £79 excluding VAT.

How can you benefit from the ThinPrint Client upgrade?

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Thanks to the data compression, the network load is reduced and the performance increased.

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High availability

Thanks to failover to multiple printers and servers, you are safely protected against downtime.

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Thanks to SSL/TLS communication, print jobs are securely encrypted right through to the device.

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ThinPrint - simply print better

ThinPrint is the world's leading provider of print management software and services for businesses. Whether for printing from classic PCs, mobile devices, thin clients, virtual desktops or from the cloud: Over 25,000 companies of all industries and sizes optimise their printing infrastructure and increase their productivity with ThinPrint.

Protected against downtime thanks to high availability

Since the elimination of the print server clusters with Windows Server 2012, fail-safe printing can only be achieved with an appropriate print management solution. ThinPrint offers significant high availability not only for print servers, but also for printing devices. In addition, load distribution on the server and client side and server maintenance during operation are uncomplicated. 

Secure printing - more up-to-date than ever

On May 25, 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation became binding. This resulted in numerous obligations for companies and authorities with regard to the processing of personal data. When it comes to printing, ThinPrint and Brother offer effective protection not only up to, but even into the printer. 

Performance at the highest level

Brother and ThinPrint generate real added value through customer-specific solutions. With the flexible BSI interface, device functions can be easily adapted and then made available to the printer fleet. This leads to a noticeable saving in costs and time. Together with ThinPrint, the printing environment is also optimised in terms of software and a user-friendly interface is created. The advantages are obvious: efficiency and less support.

Frequently asked questions

The Brother ThinPrint Client ensures successful communication with the ThinPrint Engine. The main concept of the Brother ThinPrint Client is to reduce the data volume when transferring print jobs by up to 98%. As a result, companies benefit from a noticeable reduction in the load on their corporate network and maximum performance. ThinPrint technology is a leading printing solution for remote or virtual desktop environments for the efficient processing of print jobs.
If Brother is your existing or preferred printer manufacturer, ThinPrint Client offers companies a simple method for integrating Brother printing devices into an existing ThinPrint printing environment.
The ThinPrint Client upgrade only works with compatible Brother devices that have been activated with this function. To activate Brother Services, a license key is required, which is available for the following devices:


Our free Brother Software License Management Tool is the best way to activate the features of your purchased upgrades. To activate the ThinPrint Client upgrade, send a valid license key to the desired device.

More information on activation