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The ideal scan solution for automated work processes

An upstream work step saves you a lot of post-processing steps. Accelerate your work processes by barcoding your documents before they are scanned. The intelligent Barcode Utility* upgrade helps to analyse the barcodes and process your documents automatically.

This saves you not only the cumbersome and particularly time-consuming pre-sorting of documents, but also the manual renaming and moving of documents. With the Barcode Utility upgrade you can design your processes in a cost-saving and efficient manner.

*RRP: £229 excl. VAT, only available for Windows

How can you benefit from the Barcode Utility upgrade?

Automatic separation of documents using barcodes

By providing a barcode, stacks of documents can be analysed automatically via barcode in just one scanning pass and then divided into smaller documents.

Automatic renaming of the file names

The Barcode Utility upgrade can automatically rename the newly divided documents according to their barcodes.

Automatic moving of the digital documents to the desired destination folder

The separated documents can be automatically sent to the desired target folder according to their barcode.

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Possible industries and areas of application for the Barcode Utility upgrade

Brother Scanner in Lager


The logistics industry in particular is under enormous time pressure. It is particularly important here to make processes even more flexible and faster. Holistic solutions in connection with multifunctional devices or document scanners are essential in order to satisfy the customer as quickly as possible. With the Barcode Utility upgrade, the work processes in logistics can now be made even more efficient, since, for example, forwarding orders, loading lists and proof of delivery can be digitally recorded and further processed directly by the relevant departments.

Doktor im Krankenhaus


Digitisation has long since reached pharmacies, doctors' surgeries and clinics, where it ensures greater efficiency, simpler and faster communication, as well as reducing costs and ensuring the quality of care. The Barcode Utility solution simplifies the comprehensive digitisation of patient data, findings and examination results and is therefore a key success factor in the healthcare sector.

Büro mit Scanner

Public administration

In the course of digitisation, public administrations are also facing new challenges when it comes to successfully coping with the daily flood of different types of documents and formats and streamlining processes. With the intelligent scanning solution Barcode Utility it is possible to digitise and process incoming mail, invoices and receipts, as well as various other documents quickly and easily.

Read more about our Barcode Utility, where it started and how it can help you.

The Barcode Utility upgrade has the following features:

  • Supports up to 20 barcodes per page
  • Supports 10 1D barcode types and two 2D barcodes*
  • Can monitor up to 5 archive folders 
  • Supports up to 50 profiles per function
  • Available for selected multifunction printers and scanners
  • Can process scan jobs from multiple scanning devices
  • Can also be integrated into third-party systems
*For a full list of supported barcodes, see the user manual 

Frequently asked questions

Once configured, Barcode Utility runs as a service in the background enabling you to streamline your workflow process by using scanned documents containing barcodes. It allows you to automatically:
1. Group individual pages into document files based on the barcode or page count.
2. Rename divided document files based on the barcode within the pages.
3. Re-direct divided files to the relevant destination based on the barcode within the pages.
Barcode Utility can detect up to 13 of the most commonly used 1D and 2D barcode symbologies (CODE 39, ITF, CODABAR, CODE 93, CODE 128, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, GS1 DATABAR, QR CODE, DATAMATRIX, PDF417)
Documents can be scanned in PDF and saved as PDF, PDF/A-1b, or TIFF

Barcode Utility is available on selected Brother solutions-enabled devices:

  • ADS-2400N
  • ADS-3000N
  • ADS-2800W
  • ADS-3600W
  • ADS-4300N
  • ADS-4700W
  • ADS-4900W
  • MFC-J5945DW
  • MFC-J5955DW
  • MFC-J6945DW
  • MFC-J6955DW
  • MFC-J6947DW
  • MFC-J6957DW
  • DCP-L5500DN
  • DCP-L6600DW
  • MFC-L5700DN
  • MFC-L5750DW
  • DCP-L8410CDW
  • MFC-L8690CDW
  • MFC-L8900CDW
  • MFC-L9570CDW
Hot folders are monitored folders that are associated with specific job processing modes that define a set of routing functions and file settings registered as a job profile. Simply scanning or placing a document file in a hot folder will enable the associated job profiles to run and documents be saved automatically in the correct location. 
When a hot folder (target folder) has been set up, one of three job processing modes must be selected. 
1. Use all enabled job profiles - All registered job profiles associated with a hot folder will be prepared for all files in the hot folder.
2. Use enabled job profiles that filter by filename - The job profiles associated with the input file name in the hot folder will be applied for the input file.
3. Use enabled job profiles that filter by metadata - The profiles applied to the input file will be filtered by metadata described in the XML file.
Job profiles contains the information for document separation, the output file properties and the output destination. The efficient interaction between these functions is necessary to configure the workflow tasks.
An output file or destination can be given a user-defined name and macro name rules can also be applied. By combining the static path with various macro naming rules, subfolders can be created as a static path for the file destination.
Client OS - Windows 7®, Windows 8.1®, Windows® 10
Server OS - Windows Server® 2008 R2, Windows Server® 2012, Windows Server® 2012 R2, Windows Server® 2016