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Brother MFC printer with a custom UI

Adjust. Save time. Reduce costs.The ease of use of scanners and multifunction printers is a decisive factor in accelerating operational processes and optimising workflows. Concentrate on your core competencies and create the basis for easier and more efficient work with the Custom UI* upgrade that saves you time and money.

Your Brother dealer can quickly and easily adapt the user interface of your hardware to suit your specific document workflows:

  • Replacing and hiding functions/images/texts
  • Integration of individual logos and graphics
  • Flexible positioning of the touchscreen icons.

*RRP: £129 excluding VAT.

How can you benefit from the Custom UI upgrade?

Icon of two users

User friendly

The touchscreen display can be individually adapted by replacing and hiding functions/images/texts. This enables an even easier operation.

Clock icon

Time saving

The functions you prefer can be started directly with just one click. Thanks to the optimised workflow, business processes can be completed even faster.

An icon of one large mechanical cog and two smaller cogs


With Custom UI, you can optimally adapt our solutions to your software - whether DMS, ECM, print management, OCR or file management.

Improve your workflows with the Custom UI upgrade - regardless of the industry


Confidential school documents can be protected by limiting scan options. With bespoke one-touch scans to pre-configured student information management systems, you can scan documents directly to the required network location. 


Standard icons can be replaced with the frequently-used functions to streamline repetitive processes. Profiles can be added for each partner in the firm with scan destinations including email, network, USB and cloud.  


Patient proof-of-identity can be securely captured with one-touch, helping meet legal regulations for handling healthcare records. Confidential patient information can be scanned to specific network areas quickly and efficiently.  


Customer registration forms for loyalty schemes can be instantly added to the central head office database. With one-touch scanning, minimum staff training is required.  

Financial Services

Mortgage and loan applications can be saved and shared with head office for processing quickly and securely. Frequently scanned-to network folders and emails can be setup as one-touch scans, reducing opportunities for human error. 

Local Government

Application forms and confidential information can be shared with managers quickly and securely for approval. Profiles can be created for specific departments with dedicated scan destinations including network folders, email and USB.  

60-day free trial of Custom Solutions

Adapt the user interface to your needs 

Brother multifunction printer touchscreen displaying options to sent to the network or to the web

Example 1: Replacing the background 

Who should you contact in case of service? What accessories are there? How can I clean the feed rollers of the scanner? Regardless of whether you want to insert service data, information or just your company logo in the background: Custom UI makes this possible.

Brother multifunction printer touchscreen displaying icons for bills, accounting and the Brother logo

Example 2: Customise buttons 

Not just the background, but also the icons themselves can be customised. Swap logos, replace names, add icons or just leave the functions you really need on the screen. The clearer the user guidance, the faster the user can reach their goal and concentrate on more important tasks.

Brother multifunction printer touchscreen displaying a bills icon and then 3 options for next steps

Example 3: Integrating a workflow 

In combination with the Brother Solutions Interface (BSI), the added / changed icons can also be stored with customer-specific workflows. As a result, the required software solutions are ideally integrated into the company process on the multifunction device and improve efficiency considerably.

The Custom UI upgrade

For unique added value

With the Custom UI upgrade, you can have the user interface of Brother document scanners and multifunction printers customised by a Brother dealer to meet your exact requirements:

  • Replacing and hiding functions/images/text
  • Integration of individual logos and graphics
  • Flexible positioning of the touchscreen icons
  • Store functions.

Frequently asked questions

Custom UI allows for the quick and easy design of personalised and company-specific home screens for select Brother machines with a colour touchscreen. Once a bespoke solution has been designed this can be automatically applied to the home screens of multiple Brother machines on a network.
With the free Brother Software License Management Tool you can activate compatible Brother devices with the upgrade of your choice. You can find more information on the ordering process here. Please note that the desired display adjustments for the compatible Custom UI devices can only be carried out by a Brother dealer. 
Both the background image and the touchscreen icons of compatible Brother devices can be added or removed to simplify workflows for seamless business integration.
In addition to adapting the background and adding or removing touchscreen icons, the font colours and the names of the start screen buttons can also be changed. In addition, access to various settings - such as link functions and administrator settings - can be switched to hidden functions.
Background images and the corresponding icons can be added in .png, .jpg or .bmp file formats. The images are automatically enlarged for easy setup and configuration.
Client operating system - Windows 7®, Windows 8.1®, Windows® 10
Server operating system - Windows Server® 2008 R2, Windows Server® 2012, Windows Server® 2012 R2, Windows Server® 2016
Our free Brother Software License Management Tool is the best way to activate the features of your purchased upgrades. To activate the Custom UI upgrade, send a valid license key to the desired device.

More information on activation
Our free to download Brother Software License Management Tool is the best way to activate the features of your customers' purchased solutions. You'll find more information here.