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Staff in a busy office using printsmart with their Brother printers

Secure Print & Timed Erasing

Keep your documents confidential and delete items that haven't yet been printed by protecting your pages with a PIN

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Controlled printing for your business

Reduce your print costs with PrintSmart, our print management solution designed to help you effectively control printer use. Powered by b-guard.

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Print Smart Cost Control

Cost Control provides complete visibility over ‘what, when,and how much’ each employee prints – providing small or medium businesses (SMBs) with greater control over their printing expenditure.


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Print Smart Secure Pro

PrintSmart Secure Pro enables employees to release a print job from any chosen printer with its pull printing feature. Besides enhancing security, this feature helps save your employees’ time by avoiding queues normally found at office copiers.

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PrintSmart Secure Pro protects against data breaches – reducing the chances for potentially large fines.

Andy Johnson, Head of Product Management, Brother UK

PrintSmart Secure Pro protects against data breaches – reducing the chances for potentially large fines.

Andy Johnson, Head of Product Management, Brother UK


FollowMe® by Ringdale is a solution for cost effective and secure office printing, deployed in banks, hospitals, government agencies and manufacturers' offices worldwide. Rated five-stars by Buyers Laboratory Inc (BLI), FollowMe provides the widest range of document output features for office and mobile printing environments. Within one solution, organisations have access to secure printing capabilities, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for paper based processes, integrated compliance, and enterprise wide cost control.

FollowMe® Embedded for Brother products with Brother Solution Interface (BSI) compatibility (BSI is a platform that enables third-party developers to build custom solutions for or integrate with a multitude of Brother devices). FollowMe Embedded for Brother is available for all BSI capable printers and MFPs and provides enhanced usability, secure print job management, user enrollment and cost code assignment, accessed directly from the control panel.

PaperCut MF

PaperCut MF is a simple, low cost software application that lets you take control and manage your printers, copiers and multi-function devices. PaperCut MF provides integration with Brother Multifunction Devices, enabling the tracking, charging and billing of printing and "off the glass" copying and scanning. The PaperCut MF solution uses the capabilities of the Brother Solutions Interface (BSI) enabled devices to provide users with a rich set of application features.

"We integrated Brother devices with our print management solution quickly and easily using BSI. The solution is easy to configure and brings PaperCut's cost control features to the Brother MFPs."

Matt Doran, CTO, PaperCut Software.


Ubiquitech Print Management for secure and reliable printing at low cost

"The Ubiquitech advanced Print Management Solution has been integrated to the Brother printer fleet through BSI, giving the customers security chosen by Banks and National Defence Authorities and ease-of-use and payment for public printing chosen by libraries, hotels and airports."

Peter Rostrup, Ubiquitech.

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