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Illustration of a woman in an office environment discussing security issues over the cloud with another woman working at home with her cat

Security solutions for hybrid working

A shift to hybrid working has greatly increased the surface area that IT decision makers are being tasked with securing. From networks that now stretch beyond the borders of the office to the devices that connect to them, ensuring the security of data and documentation requires robust and flexible solutions, wherever your people are.

Our security solutions for hybrid working tackle the key challenges of:

  • Maintaining network security
  • Improving device security
  • Safeguarding document security


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Illustration of an IT support team member who is sat at a desktop computer, remotely managing a printer that's being used by a lady in a hybrid working environment

Device management solutions for hybrid working

A lack of visibility and control can have serious repercussions, not least on IT budgets and matters of compliance. Hybrid working has introduced the challenges of managing distributed devices, traditionally the preserve of large, multisite organisations, to the majority of businesses across the UK.

Our device management solutions empower IT teams to:

  • Remotely set up and install hardware
  • Monitor and manage device usage
  • Remotely troubleshoot device issues
  • Automate supplies deliveries
  • Receive live updates on device performance


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Workflow automation solutions for hybrid working

Keeping distributed teams connected and productive is vital to effective hybrid working. By ensuring that documents and information are available to the right people at the right time, through automated workflows and processes, collaboration needn’t be hindered by teams working from multiple locations.

Our workflow automation solutions:

  • Speed up and overhaul manual filing processes
  • Protect and redact confidential information
  • Automate document archiving across multiple locations
  • Securely manage and govern documents
  • Seamlessly connect to around 40 enterprise systems, such as SAP

Automate processes with hybrid working solutions

Illustration of 3 workers working seamlessly together through cloud technology

Cloud first

Many organisations are committing to a cloud first policy, eager to benefit from the scalability, security and stability that cloud hosted services offer. We work closely with major third-party software vendors to offer our customers access to sector-leading public, private and hybrid cloud print and scan solutions.

To find out more about the different types of cloud storage and how it works read our quick explainer here:

What is cloud storage? 

Illustration of a man and a woman discussing a virtual desktop whilst standing next to a laptop

Virtual desktop (VDI)

With increasing numbers of organisations moving infrastructure to the cloud, as well as adopting hybrid working models, virtual desktop environments (such as Citrix) and hotdesking setups in the office, it's easy to overlook the impact that printing is now having on network bandwidth performance and costs.

By optimising print performance to compress print jobs to a smaller size, ThinPrint offer a cost-efficient way to ease the strain on the IT department, enabling significant cost savings across multiple locations.

Brother ThinPrint Client is a plug-in that enables efficient printing through a virtual desktop infrastructure, reducing cost and enhancing employee productivity in the distributed workplace.

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