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Kofax ControlSuite

White Kofax logo on blue background with print, document and scan icons in circles

Looking for a solution to automate your workflows?

Our software partnership with Kofax enables you to have a comprehensive, intelligent workflow system from one provider.

  • Seamless advanced print and capture workflow capabilities
  • Available across a fleet of A4 laser and A3 inkjet devices
  • Leading document automation software with award-winning hardware

Managing, securing and controlling your documents with Kofax ControlSuite is easily scalable through your Brother device. Intelligent workflows delivered through a consistent user experience, across a range of floorstanding and compact desktop machines to multifunction and single function printers, makes this partnership truly unique.

Barcode Utility

The ideal scan solution for automated work processes

Ensuring the right documents get to the right people or place every time is a key barrier to effective hybrid working.

Yet, adding one quick step early in the process can save your teams many more post-processing steps. Accelerate your work processes by barcoding your documents before they are scanned. Our intelligent Barcode Utility upgrade helps to analyse these barcodes and processes your documents automatically.

This saves you not only the cumbersome and particularly time-consuming pre-sorting of documents, but also the manual renaming and moving of documents. With the Barcode Utility upgrade you can design your hybrid working processes in a cost-saving, secure and efficient manner.

The benefits of Barcode Utility

Circular icon with illustration of a barcoded document to represent automatically separating documents by barcode

Automatic separation of documents using barcodes

By providing a barcode, stacks of documents can be analysed automatically in just one scanning pass and then divided into smaller documents.

Circular icon with illustration of file icons in a bullet list to represent automatically renaming files

Automatic renaming of file names by barcode

The Barcode Utility upgrade can automatically rename the newly divided documents according to their barcodes.

Circular icon with illustration of a barcoded open folder to represent automatically moving digital documents to a folder

Automatic moving of digital documents to desired destination folder

The separated documents can be automatically sent to the desired target folder according to their barcode.

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