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Managers discuss the savings made by using printsmart cost control in their office

PrintSmart Cost Control

Smarter business thinking.

Printing from a Brother printer using printsmart

How PrintSmart Cost Control helps

Cost Control provides complete visibility over ‘what, when,and how much’ each employee prints – providing small or medium businesses (SMBs) with greater control over their printing expenditure.

A simple user interface delivers greater insight into employee print usage – enabling easy print management, tracking and control to reduce print costs.

With PrintSmart Cost Control, your business will benefit from:

  • Enhanced visibility over printer usage for complete cost control
  • Increased budgeting control over all Brother and third-party devices
  • Improved reporting on all printing activity
  • Controlled printing activity through print quotas and budgets

Office staff using printsmart to manage their printing environment

Key features of PrintSmart Cost Control

  • Reporting - Allows the capture of all print job information on a secure server so the administrator can produce a range of reports for controlling costs and improved budgeting.
  • Print Quotas - Quotas can be set so that employees or departments can be assigned different amounts of printing credits.
  • Simple Administration - PrintSmart Cost Control can automatically create and link new users when they print for the first time, and can link with Active Directory and other databases to register new users.
  • Rules-based Printing - The administrator can set various rules that manage the way that users and groups print, for example mono printing for one device while allowing duplex colour printing for another.

Managers enjoying the cost saving benefits of using printsmart

All businesses look to manage their costs and save time. PrintSmart Cost Control helps enhance their print management, enabling greater cost savings.

Andy Johnson, Head of Product Management, Brother UK

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