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Protect your customers and your business with Brother food to go labelling solutions

As customer needs evolve, with changing dietary preferences and growing numbers of people affected by food allergies, effective labelling is more important than ever. Especially as the impending introduction of The Food Information Regulations 2019 (commonly referred to as Natasha’s Law) and the coverage around it have put food safety in the spotlight. With full ingredient labelling mandatory for all food to go prepacked for direct sale from October 1st, 2021, you’ll need to create crystal clear, informative labels to address issues with allergen risks. Giving customers clarity on ingredients and allergens enables them to make more confident choices. So, they’ll keep coming back for more, knowing you’re a business they can trust. 

allergen information for a cherry and almond cake

Ingredient and allergen labelling made simple

Brother’s grab-and-go food labelling solutions make it easy and efficient for you to maintain high standards and stay on the right side of food labelling regulations. Our reliable label printers produce highly legible, long-lasting labels detailing all necessary information, from ingredients and allergens to use-by dates, prices and barcodes. There’s no need for ink or toners, so you can keep costs low, and reduce wastage by using the same roll for multiple label designs. It’s simple to maintain security, too. The information you need is stored digitally, with access only available to administrators. This helps you avoid errors or tampering and maintain consistency and accuracy.


High-performance food label printers

Our TD desktop thermal range of professional food label printers is ideal for your PPDS labelling requirements. Offering high-speed printing and the ability to connect to smartphones and tablets, they make it fast and easy to create crystal-clear food to go labels and GS1 compliant barcodes up to 4 inches in width. You can operate the printer as a standalone solution or integrate it seamlessly into your existing setup. The ranges are scalable, with the option to add a battery pack for a truly mobile printing solution, as well as handy accessories like external roll holders. The printers are made from robust materials that can withstand harsh cleaning chemicals. And with a three-year warranty as standard, you can keep printing with confidence. 

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