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TLS vs SSL: What’s the difference?

If your organisation has a website, you will likely come across the acronyms TLS and SSL, but what are they and why is their role in security essential?

Read more on how they differ
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What is cloud storage?

With hybrid working becoming more commonplace, cloud storage is becoming more popular, but what is cloud storage?

Learn more about cloud storage
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Touchless Print Release Options

Touchless printing within the office has become more commonplace with employees prioritising health & safety.

Explore what options there are
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What is NFC & Why touchless printing is the future

Touchless printing has become more commonplace with the rise of personal hygiene in the office.

Read more about NFC
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What is a virtual desktop?

While virtual desktops have been around for more than a decade, the recent move to hybrid working has made this software more relevant than ever.

Discover what a virtual desktop is
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WPA vs WPA2: What’s the difference?

Both WPA and WPA2 are both ways to improve the security of your network, but what's the difference between the two?

Learn how they differ
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Remote tech support challenge

The pandemic has caused many organisations to break free from the office and rely much more on remote working. Now, the challenge for IT teams is how to optimise the productivity of these dispersed teams.

Find out how tech-support teams have been challenged to adapt