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Our commitment to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 

What are Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In 2015, all 193 member states of the United Nations adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals which were aimed at making the world “more prosperous, inclusive, sustainable and resilient.’’ These goals focus on a number of different areas from Poverty to Circular Economy.

Brother is focussing on 9 of these goals which are most relevant to our business ensuring we are contributing to a more sustainable society.

Watch our video to discover how Brother will achieve these SDGs.

Learn more about how our UK office is meeting these SDG goals.

Need to recycle a Brother product? 

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Brother and the Circular Economy

By using Brother products, you can help to protect our planet. That’s because, at Brother, we’re working towards a circular economy; where we maintain, repair and finally recycle our products, rather than just replacing them. Through the Circular Economy, Brother is looking to create more durable, long lasting products which can help you on your sustainability journey. From toner recycling to repairing machines, we are working hard to reduce our impact on the environment. 


Learn about the Circular Economy

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How can IT managers support sustainability?

The environment is everyone’s responsibility, so how can IT managers make sure they have an impact on their organisation’s sustainability?

Learn more about sustainable IT
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Global CSR

As well as within Europe, we are striving to ensure Brother is sustainable globally, including our supply chain. As part of this Brother has committed to the UN Global Compact and has been independently assessed by EcoVadis.

Discover our global CSR