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Since our partnership began you have helped us to: 

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Save over 27,000,000 trees

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37 million tonnes of carbon stored

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Empower 7 communities



 How Brother customers have helped 

When you return your Brother toner or ink cartridge to us using our free recycling scheme, you are helping to protect the rainforest. As part of our recycling scheme Brother has partnered with the award-winning charity Cool Earth which works alongside indigenous communities to halt rainforest deforestation. Since our partnership began in 2009 we have helped communities to flourish in some of our planet’s most biodiverse, vital environments, protecting ecosystems that have stored over 37 million tonnes of carbon. 

This work is vital to the future of our planet, and we are immensely proud that Brother customers are contributing to this global effort every single day. 

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Cool Earth director Matthew Owen smiling in an outdoor setting

Brother International Europe has supported Cool Earth for over ten years and we both believe people are the solution to the climate crisis. This, beyond all money, is what drives and inspires change, and Brother’s support allows for new futures not just to be imagined, but to be brought to life. There has never been a better time to revolutionise conservation and life on Earth, and we are proud to be doing that across 70,000 hectares of rainforest with Brother at our side. Together we're fighting the climate crisis at the root, thanks to their people that believe.

Matthew Owen, Director at Cool Earth 

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We at Brother are very proud of our long-standing partnership with Cool Earth. Our employees and customers alike continue to protect vital rainforest and its communities in Peru and Papua New Guinea through numerous initiatives, including a biannual fundraising quiz and a toner recycling scheme.

Isao Noji, Managing Director, Brother International Europe

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Cool Earth

We have been working with Cool Earth since 2009 and during that time we have helped save millions of trees across some of the worlds most endangered habitats, but there is still more we, and you can do to help. 

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