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Choose the best recycling option for you

Recycling One Used Printing Toner

Up to 4 items

Free postal return for Brother toner cartridges, drum units, waste toner boxes and belts.

  1. Print out the free postal label from the link below.
  2. Carefully pack the empty toner into the box in which your new toner arrived. You can return up to two boxes at once.
  3. Stick the label on to the box.  
  4. Take it to your local post office, along with the included letter, and return for free.

Download label


Order new supplies

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Recycle Empty Used Toner

Between 4 and 12 toners

Free drop-off

  1. Order a recycling box with free postal label from the link below.
  2. Carefully pack your cartridges into the box.
  3. Take the box to your local post office.


Order a box

Cool Earth text in white on a greenbackground

Cool Earth

Find out how our recycling programme helps rainforest-saving charity Cool Earth.

Recycle More Than 12 Empty Used Toners

More than 12 toners

Free courier collection

  1. Register your office details following the link below.
  2. Brother will send a recycling box to your office  to store empty cartridges.
  3. When the box is full, contact us via the link below and we will collect it.



Order a box or request collection

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Click for the Earth

See how you can contribute towards worldwide environment conservation with one click.

Frequently asked questions

We know the exact composition of our own cartridges, so can remanufacture or recycle them to their full potential.
Remanufacturing toner cartridges saves 33% CO2 compared to buying a new one.
We donate to Cool Earth through our recycling programme.
Our European remanufacturing facilities (where all your cartridges are returned to) are carbon neutral and zero waste to landfill accredited.

We only accept Brother original cartridges through our returns programme, because we know the exact composition of our own cartridges and can remanufacture or recycle them to their full potential. However, if we do receive other manufacturer's cartridges we will recycle these responsibly and send nothing to landfill.
Please package your items securely and before placing them into your box, please use the foil bag and attach the yellow/orange plastic cover to your cartridges in order to protect them from any damage during transit.
Yes, we have 3 different services depending on how many toner cartridges you have. Simply select the one that’s most convenient for you! Even a small contribution helps to protect the environment from unnecessary waste. Whether you are a small, medium or large user, Brother has the right recycling service for you: return single-item boxes or bulk boxes through the post or make use of our bulk box collection service.
Please email us at recycle@brother.eu with your order details and we will be happy to help!
Your national postal service and Spring Global Mail / PostNL have an agreement to accept and ship toner cartridges using the IBRS (International Business Reply Service). They must accept your empty toner cartridge, if you are having trouble with this please contact recycle@brother.eu
Simply use one of our recycling services to return your toner cartridges to Brother. We have 3 options depending on how many cartridges you have: 
1. If you have 1-2 cartridges, simply use the free-post label in your box or download it online. Stick it to your existing box and drop off at the post office. 
2. Order a free-post bulk box using our '4-12' option and simply drop off at the post office when full
3. Order a bulk box using our 'more than 12' option and once full, use the same page to request a free of charge courier collection for your boxes.
Toner cartridges arriving back at Brother will be remanufactured, and anything that we cannot directly reuse will be recycled contributing towards a sustainable circular economy.
Our closed loop processes mean that 100% of the Brother cartridges you send back to us are remanufactured or recycled.
When you return a toner cartridge to us, it goes through a 150 stage remanufacturing process to ensure that each remanufactured cartridge is the same quality as new. It is this highly innovative process that means we can remanufacture 86% of toner cartridges. 
We take a used cartridge, disassemble it, replace any worn parts, clean it and reassemble – then send back to our customers as good as new. 
Anything we can't remanufacture, due to damage or wear and tear is 100% recycled.
No, a waste transfer note is only applicable for individual shipments of over 20KG.
Customers from all over Europe recycle their empty cartridges with Brother. We have two remanufacturing facilities in Europe: one in North Wales, and one in Slovakia. We use a centralised system, based in The Netherlands, and a pan-European postal network. This means that all of the toner cartridges arrive in consolidated shipments, rather than in individual parcels, which greatly reduces transport emissions.