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Reaping the benefits of mobile working

As mobile working grows in prominence, the mobile workforce needs effective tools to deliver exceptional customer service. Used well, mobile printers and scanners can improve efficiency and enable mobile workers to stay out in the field longer.

Watch our video now to discover the many benefits Brother’s mobile printing and scanning technology could bring to your business.   

Why Brother Mobile Solutions?

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Built for the road

Rugged and robust build is ready for life on the move and backed by a free three-year warranty

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Close deals faster

Save huge amounts of time and effort by closing deals on the spot - no need to go back and forth between offices

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Connect in an instant

Our mobile printers work with Apple, Android and Windows devices, so you can be sure you’ll always get a connection

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Always at your side

Enjoy expert support from Brother's team of mobile  specialists with extensive expertise 

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Keep things professional

No need for handwritten or hastily scanned notes – get a professional-looking printout right there and then

How can mobile printers improve efficiency for field workers?

During this webinar hosted by Computing Magazine editor, Stuart Sumner, mobile specialists will look at how to put together a winning strategy for the mobile workforce.

Read our quick round-up of the webinar on the Brother Spark blog, or watch the entire webinar. 

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Mobile Printers

  • Advanced mobile direct thermal printers for improved field operations
  • Create professional documents in real-time, in the field
  • Perfect for printing high quality, professional documentation
Brother portable scanner on a white background

Portable Scanners

  • This range of ultra-lightweight scanners allows you to scan anywhere 
  • Digitise and share searchable PDFs with the office while you're on the move
  • Scan up to 100 documents per day and directly to a smartphone or tablet
Brother's Scanning Solutions

Case Studies

Why not browse through our customer stories? Brother has built partnerships across a range of industries such as healthcare, education, and retail to help businesses grow. 

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Field workers Spark article

Out of office: Equipping the agile field workers of the future

As the UK workforce becomes increasingly agile, its technology needs are changing, creating a growing demand for technology that delivers all of the functionality available in an office environment out in the field. This article looks at how the technology carried by today's mobile workforce is allowing them to achieve this.

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