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Keep your employees smiling

With a company culture and infrastructure that promotes employee wellbeing, we’re talking healthy, happy and engaged employees. There’ll likely be a boost in productivity too.  

It’s down to employers to put happiness front and centre  

It isn’t always easy. As the workplace changes and the reliance on technology grows, too many people are suffering with what we call technostress. With line managers too often lacking adequate training and employees putting in longer hours, in many cases employee happiness can feel more like a luxury than a necessity.  

To help small businesses keep their employees happy and create the foundation for lasting happiness and wellbeing at work, we have created a guide in collaboration with employee happiness expert and psychologist, Professor Sir Cary Cooper.  

Ready to tackle happiness head-on?

A man wearing headphones working on his laptop and smiling at the screen

Stay on top of small business success

It’s important to understand the types of stresses in the workplace and how it can affect you and your employees differently.   

Take our happiness quiz to understand your own wellbeing in the workplace and how you can apply these learnings to benefit your employees. 

Take the quiz

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Norengos: Enhancing employee happiness with MPS 

Norengos, Norway’s largest supplier of consumer goods to businesses, needed to upgrade its ageing print infrastructure to a solution that removed a lot of the stress from their existing network. 

Reliable, intuitive and user-friendly technology can boost employee performance by 37% and save up to three hours of lost productivity in a workday. As a result of our MPS, they now spend less time on maintenance and downtime is reduced – making for happier employees too. 

“Throughout the entire process of finding the right solution for Norengros, the cooperation with Brother has been excellent. We have felt that they were there for us and have done the thinking for us on occasion. They have created a solution that has made our everyday life much easier”, Einar Tonnesen, IT Manager, Norengos AS 

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