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OmniJoin FAQs

OmniJoin is a web and video conferencing software which allows you to move your meetings online. 
With OmniJoin, you can hold online meetings with multiple people anytime, anywhere. You'll get the highest quality, multiparty video possible and a full suite of advanced collaboration tools – PowerPoint sharing, desktop sharing, whiteboards, text chat, media file sharing and more. 
No, only the person hosting the meeting needs to have a licensed OmniJoin account. The easiest way for participants to join a meeting is by clicking the link in the meeting invitation.
Yes – OmniJoin can be used on iOS and Android devices. You can download the app via iTunes or Google Play.

The maximum meeting room capacity depends on the OmniJoin plan you choose – subscribers to OmniJoin Lite accounts can have up to 8 people (with a max of 8 video feeds) including the host, while subscribers with OmniJoin Pro accounts can have as many as 50 people (with a max of 20 video feeds) including the host.

With the concurrent license model – which is based on the number of concurrent calls that can take place at any one time rather than the number of users – there’s no limit placed on the number of people that can host a conference.

For more information on OmniJoin plans and what they include, see the Pricing page.

Yes. OmniJoin offers multiple Meeting Modes so that hosts can select the appropriate format.

The default is ‘Meeting’, which is perfect for typical online meetings with a few people or a small department.

‘Collaboration’ is designed for working meetings where you want everyone to have the ability to immediately share applications and documents without having to manually promote them to presenter.

‘Presentation’ is for large meetings with multiple hosts or presenters and limited attendee privileges.

And ‘Boardroom’ is for boardrooms, conference facilities, and multi–monitor scenarios where high-quality, multiparty floating HD videos are important.

You can edit any of these preformatted modes, adjusting the audio, video, starting layout, roles for people joining the meeting, etc. to suit your own individual presentation style or business needs. You can also create your own custom modes.
Yes. OmniJoin customers can customise their own landing page, all portal page headers and footers, the join and deny meeting messages and all email templates. OmniJoin also provides custom URLs as part of the standard product without additional charge.
Document sharing allows you to share all your documents online. The application data is transformed into an image format and then shared, so you can’t modify or edit the original data while sharing.

PowerPoint sharing is useful if you want to share a PowerPoint slideshow, but animations can’t be shared.

Document and PowerPoint sharing are both usually faster than application sharing, which allows you to share the application itself with the participants. This means that, during sharing, you can edit the original data.
Yes, you can use OmniJoin™ from anywhere in the world – all you need is a PC, an internet connection, and headphones or speakers, or a connected mobile or tablet device with the OmniJoin app.
English, French, German and Spanish are currently supported.
Yes – resolutions of 720 and 1080i up to 30 frames per second are supported.  The maximum resolution depends on your chosen plan and your environment. To benefit from Full HD resolution, you must have a video capture card compatible with Windows DirectShow.
Yes. OmniJoin can manage all screens connected to your computer, regardless of their number which means you can share on one screen while viewing the video on another – especially useful for dual monitor workstations, as well as in conference rooms and during training sessions.
Yes, you can share multiple files during a conference, allowing you to quickly swap from a presentation to a spreadsheet or application during your meeting.
Simply follow these steps: 
1. Open OmniJoin IM using the OmniJoin icon in the notification area. 
2. Select the [Conference] tab. 
3. Select [Schedule a Conference]. 
4. Specify a topic. 
5. Specify the date, time, duration, or other information. 
6. Click OK.
Yes, if you’d like you can save your OmniJoin meetings so you can refer back to them.
Yes you can, You can still join a meeting, see other participants' video, and use all the multiparty audio, web conferencing and collaboration features the meeting host will allow. However, participants will obviously not be able to view you during the meeting.
Yes. OmniJoin authenticates all hosts of the conference, and offers the ability to lock conference rooms or require participants to enter a password. It also supports end-to-end 128-bit SSL / TLS encryption on all communications.