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Are you a meaningless meeting organiser?

We’ve been ”At your side” supporting work productivity for 55 years – printing your agendas, masterplans, and perfected pitches.

We know it’s easier than ever to schedule meetings, from a quick call to a monthly team get-together. But the sheer volume of meetings taking place means people have less time to do great work, with UK office workers subjected to 172 meaningless meetings each year.

How do we stem the tide of needless meetings?

The first step is to ask ourselves, what really makes a meeting worthwhile? And how can we make the most of our precious time at work? All in the interest of fixing the productivity puzzle.

We’re committed to helping you work more effectively and productively, so we’ve gathered exclusive new research to launch your essential guide to unleashing the power of well-managed meetings.

Introducing, The Meaningful Meeting Manifesto.

More than half of employees say meetings are sapping their productivity

To get a handle on the impact unnecessary meetings are having on productivity, we asked 2,000 UK office workers to share their experiences with us.

More than half of UK adults (55%) say too much time in meetings is stopping them getting their work done, according to our survey. This number climbs to 77% for those who only work remotely.

Eight in ten (81%) suggest that meetings could be shorter and achieve the same objectives, while 27% say that they’re only joining a meaningful meeting once a month at best.

Poorly thought-out meetings are also causing unnecessary friction in teams. More than half (54%) of people leave feeling frustrated and 25% say they think less of their colleagues as a result.

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Illustration of a sheet of paper titled 'The Meaningful Meeting Manifesto' with positive productivity symbols surrounding it

The Meaningful Meeting Manifesto

Learn the top 10 rules for making each minute of every meeting matter.

Your list of essential rules alongside expert commentary grounded in the views of 1,000 UK office workers.

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Illustration of two children above a computer keyboard holding a string of linked jigsaw pieces that spell the word 'Team'

The Science of Meaningful Meetings

The causes of meaningless meetings are well known to psychologists. We explore three scientific theories that shed light on the way people behave in meetings.

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Illustration of a young girl sat at a desk, frowning while pressing a key on notebook computer with an action bubble that reads 'You're on mute!'

The UK’s biggest meeting bugbears

Our study has uncovered what’s getting under the skin of workers when it comes to office meeting culture. So, what’s getting eyes rolling? And what bad habits can you avoid to keep colleagues switched on?

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