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How Brother will be 'At your side’ through every step of a healthcare digitisation project

From end to end, the health service is built on an ethos of teamwork, coordination and efficiency.

These are principles that align perfectly with our approach to supporting our customers. We provide expert peer-to-peer technical help and support to ensure your technology solution is implemented as smoothly as possible.

We know that there is no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to rolling out digitisation projects such as implementing a connected, high-volume document scanning network, specialist print and label solutions, and managed print services that will perform efficiently and reliably from day one.

You need to select the right device or devices for the project and ensure they’re seamlessly integrated with your software platforms and easy for your people to use.

It’s not always a straightforward process, and that’s why – as part of our ‘At your side’ promise – our experts will be on hand, where needed, from the word go and right through the process.

We work in three phases: assessment, transition and optimisation. Each phase has several service options that will enable a solution to be designed specifically to your organisation.

As with any medical matter, it all begins with a consultation with Brother specialists to find the source of the problem and establish your needs. 


We start the process by working alongside your team, taking insight from staff as well as your IT department to identify what your needs are and what the solution has to deliver.

Then we draft a plan, including a breakdown of what problems our experts can see that you may not have considered previously. We outline the solution you’ll need before suggesting the agreement we think will work best – even if this means reducing the amount of devices you need.

We also provide customised user interfaces (UI) across many of our print and scan devices to really get to the heart of how your teams operate and what it is they need while making use of our solutions. If you need to digitise thousands of patient records, the time savings that can be achieved through one-touch scanning and automated filing of documents can be significant. And what’s more, the consistency from one device UI to the next adds up to time saved in the long term.

We’ll work with your team to build the interface that best suits your project, your people and your existing systems.


Where healthcare differs from most office requirements is the need to continuously function with no break in service. An office can be shuttered for a day, healthcare facilities don’t share this luxury. Our technicians provide a roadmap to implementation that recognises your needs.

If your devices are to be located in non-patient-facing areas, this might not be a big challenge. But in some cases it can be an important consideration, and we understand the vital need to avoid impacting patient experience and getting in the way of busy staff workloads.

After installation, our experts are available to talk your people through best-practice use of the solutions – either over video call or in person – to avoid teething problems and allow you to hit the ground running.

Our service also takes into account the need for collaboration between existing systems and ours, which is included in the transition plan, maintaining your efficiency through what could otherwise be a very trying process.


Like long-term prescriptions, needs can and do change over time.

We can provide follow-up consultations on the solution once a digitisation project is underway to understand if any tweaks, changes or expansions are needed.

And, of course, tech support is available to help iron out any implementation wrinkles and keep the solution running reliably and efficiently over the long-term.

‘At your side’

Our specialist technology for healthcare makes life easier for your staff, reducing their admin burden and enabling them to provide more face-to-face care to patients.

Along with desktop document scanners, our ranges cover everything from patient ID, prescription and wristband printing, and custom medical labels to managed print services for primary healthcare

Our scan and print solutions support you from patient admission and consultation to the wards and in the clinic, all the way to labs and pharmacy.  Our bespoke approach means Brother has you covered with adaptable and scalable solutions able to suit growing need, wherever it might be.

To find out more about how we can support you in the healthcare sector visit our healthcare solutions hub. For more scanning solutions visit our page here to learn more.

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