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How cyber security can be improved – protecting your reputation, customers and bottom line

Cyber attacks are on the increase and security is a growing concern for SMBs. Andy Johnson, Head of Product and Solutions at Brother, highlights the business benefits of ensuring data security and the pitfalls if security is compromised.

This article should be a wake-up call for SMBs: cyber-crooks could have your business in their sights right now.

Did you know that, according to the latest government cyber security breaches report, more than four in 10 UK businesses suffered a data breach or cyber-attack, just in the last year?

We’re not just talking big corporations here. SMBs are being targeted, and with the new General Data Protection Regulation laws, the implications have just got a whole lot bigger: fines can be up to four per cent of a company’s turnover.

There’s a longer-term impact too, like the loss of trust in your brand, which can deter customers and investors.

That’s why Brother is at the side of SMBs on the front line against cyber-crime, constantly working to incorporate the latest security features in all our products and services such as our secure print advanced service.

Protecting printers

When considering cybersecurity, print is something that can often be overlooked.

Determined hackers have infiltrated network connected printers in the past, and will no doubt try again.

So, a printer should be looked at in the same way as a computer and locked down within a private, secured network behind a firewall. 

After all, it’s connected to your computer network, is web-enabled and has its own memory storage. Therefore, it should have the same level of protection as the rest of your IT infrastructure – so we provide a best practice guide with advice on how to securely set up each device.

Brother devices have a range of integrated security functions designed to combat cybercrime, including SSL encryption - the same technology used in e-commerce to protect bank and credit card details - which protects documents containing sensitive information that are sent across networks to be printed. 

But printer users are a potential security weak spot, as secure documents can be left in a shared printer's output tray, where they can easily go missing. 

That’s why we developed Secure Print+, user authentication software which helps protect important documents and improve print security. 

Selected Brother printers come with an integrated card reader that means print jobs can only be released when the authenticated user swipes their ID card or enters a PIN number.

That means confidential documents are only printed when they are needed and only authorised staff can collect them, so sensitive documents have no reason to be sat at the printer for everyone to see. 

Bringing expertise to your organisation

Another response to GDPR is that many firms are digitising their paper records, which not only drives greater efficiency, but also ensures documents can be stored in a more secure and encrypted system. 

Brother’s multifunction scanners can instantly convert a scanned document into a PIN protected Secure PDF, which can only be opened by someone who has the four-digit PIN. 

But for SMBs seeking a truly comprehensive solution, partnering with a Managed Print Service (MPS) provider like Brother can bring an extra level of expertise into your organisation. 

We understand that security is a top priority, which is why we’ve joined forces with specialist partners Papercut, FollowMe and One Q to embed their innovations into our systems, so we can tailor a full solution to your precise needs. 

Not only does MPS free you from the burden of having to manage your print fleet, and cut print costs by up to a fifth, MPS begins with a comprehensive audit of all your print needs, including security. 

That will pinpoint any weaknesses in your network and provide a tailored security plan specific to your requirements.

After all, when it comes to data security, it pays to have peace of mind. Discover our Defence and Security solutions with Brother.

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