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The office landscape is undergoing its greatest ever change, and with it so are printing requirements.

The office landscape is undergoing its greatest ever change, and with it so are printing requirements. Large centralised printers have long been considered the go-to option for office printing, but these haven’t always proven the right choice and poorly designed print fleets have often created more issues than solutions. With an overwhelming appetite for hybrid working, IT decision makers are now facing the challenge of procuring the right print solution to meet the needs of a smaller on-site presence and a dispersed workforce printing at home and in shared working spaces. 

Brother’s balanced deployment methodology and team of experts create a bespoke solution design tailored to your business needs. By ensuring the right people and teams have access to the right printers and functionality for their roles and locations, we can also focus on cost reduction, increased security and sustainability.

Here are some of the real-life benefits our customers have experienced that could similarly benefit your business.

Take control to reduce your printing costs 

Many organisations have a printer fleet that has grown organically over time. This can be expensive and inefficient; made up of multiple manufacturers with some larger devices being used by just a single person. Helsby High School has 155 staff members, by applying a balanced deployment approach and switching to a Brother managed print service (MPS) they cut their print fleet from 100 to 52 printers and recognised a 40% reduction in staff print costs.

Bespoke print functions built around your business needs 

With a bespoke printer fleet, you only pay for what your business requires. That means optimising your print fleet so that functions are tailored to each team’s or user’s specific needs. So, if your marketing team need A3 colour print, they get it, whilst other colleagues who only print spreadsheets, get access to mono printers that are fit for purpose. Similarly, there’s no benefit in having scan and workflow functions, that are being paid for, lying dormant and unused. By tailoring the capability of your printer to the requirements of your users, you can ensure that you get maximum return on investment. 

All-round savings with automatic orders, delivery and high yield consumables

Using multiple different printer models, and printer manufacturers, means multiple different consumables, which elevates costs and can make storing them a challenge. Through a managed print service, device status is monitored so the right consumables are automatically ordered then delivered the next business day, saving you the time and hassle of ordering manually, plus peace of mind that you will never run out of ink or toner. Plus, ultra-high yield toner cartridges print up to 20,000 pages before needing replacing, meaning less intervention and no more storage requirements – particularly valuable for users printing at home. Combined with the automated consumables various service levels are available to ensure we maximise uptime; Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust reported 99.9% uptime, with vital employee time freed up, particularly in critical departments.

See the bigger picture with individual printer usage data 

With the integration of print management applications, IT administrators gain peace of mind with complete transparency over the printing usage, requirements and costs. This also means pro-active maintenance and monitoring is available.

Reduce maintenance and save money 

Centralised printers are subject to heavy workloads. A balanced deployment distributes the workload meaning failure of heavily used printers is less frequent. Brother Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) mean we are able to assess in advance high volume print areas and place the right machine in the right space for demand, this also highlights devices that require rotation to minimise maintenance and maximise their lifespan.

Creating a more sustainable workplace for a sustainable future

Dedicated to helping businesses print less where they can, sustainability is one of Brother’s core values. Businesses that have already implemented managed print services following our balanced deployment methodology have all experienced lower paper usage. Features such as pull printing also help reduce the number of jobs that are printed and never collected, decreasing the amount of wastepaper. 

Scale your printer fleet to meet your business needs

A managed print service is designed to grow as your organisation grows. Brother pre-sales technical consultants are always on hand to help re-design a solution to meet your workload needs. Through proactive monitoring of printer performance, we can identify where printing behaviours have changed and where a previously balanced network may need some attention. 

Easily adapt to meet new health and safety requirements

As environments evolve, centralised printers are falling behind, and new requirements like social distancing become a big challenge, as well as managing print across hybrid working environments, such as homes and shared working locations. With more printers strategically distributed across the business, each team or user has access to their own printer, making monitoring the volume of users and social distancing much easier. 

Delivering in partnership, time after time 

Brother will conduct Quarterly Business Reviews to assess your organisation’s ever-changing managed print needs. But communication is not limited to these periods, Brother will be in constant contact with you for the duration of the relationship to ensure you’re getting the most out of your fleet. 

Brother ‘At your side’

Even after the initial deployment of your managed print service, Brother will be ‘At your side’ throughout the whole partnership. To find out more about the benefits of a balanced deployment and what a managed print service can do for your business read our case studies or speak to one of our pre-sales technical consultants here

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