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Print solutions that put patients first

Our wide range of secondary patient care solutions work at your side, delivering comprehensive support that saves time, putting it back in the hands of your practitioners.

We provide bespoke solutions for everything from patient ID, prescription, wristband and custom label printing to digital filing scanners and managed print services, with a focus on taking the admin burden off your staff.

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Our secondary healthcare technology includes:

  • Time-saving wristband technology
  • Professional label printing for every situation
  • Powerful digitisation solutions
  • Efficiency-boosting managed print services.

All of this with our ‘At your side’ support from expert specialists who understand the needs of the healthcare sector.

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Specialist Print Solutions

A female doctor removing a barcode ID label from a Brother label printer with a male doctor standing by a patient's bedside in the background

Specialist solutions at the side of your patients

Accurate and efficient patient identification is paramount in delivering successful treatment that saves lives.

Our TD and QL label printers offer fast and accurate printing that ensures clarity on patient wristbands, blood sample and blood bag labels and many more applications.

Built with scalability in mind, our products are made ready for integration with existing Patient Administration Systems and feature ZPL emulation. That means they’re ready to go, out of the box and onto the ward. More units can be added to suit your needs at any point, without downtime.

Compact and capable of printing labels up to 4 inches in size, at speeds of 110mm per second, patients can be triaged and registered quickly without fear of error. Plus, in-built network connectivity means they can be used anywhere – not just at the nurses’ station.

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A Brother mobile scanner on a hospital counter scanning a medical test report while a doctor is reading patient notes

Digitisation that helps doctors

In a healthcare environment, it’s essential that time is saved wherever it can be, to ensure quality of care remains as high as possible.

A key step toward freeing up those precious minutes is hyper-efficient digitisation. Our seamless scanning solutions make processing the day’s paperwork a breeze and at significantly less cost than other solutions.

Our versatile scanning range can operate anywhere, even at the bedside of patients, meaning that wristbands and documents can be scanned in-situ, leading to fewer errors and lost paperwork, keeping your staff focused on care.

Our line of specialist solutions feature our integrated Barcode Utility solution, meaning that documents can be marked, scanned and automatically allocated to relevant casefiles and consultants, so information is always where it should be, when it needs to be.

This also means that when paperwork piles up, it can be scanned in series, with each barcode routing the paperwork to the correct patient files without worry of it being accidentally included elsewhere. This helps ensure compliance and lets staff speed through potentially arduous administrative tasks.

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What does the future hold for the NHS?

In a time that has changed almost every aspect of our lives, the NHS has experienced change at an alarming rate. To adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic demands, digitalisation has been accelerated to streamline processes and improve efficiency, giving healthcare professionals more time to focus on patient care. But, as digitalisation becomes more ingrained in secondary healthcare, it’s important not to leave those who are less tech literate behind.

Our webinar “How realistic is a paperless NHS?” explores the potential of a digital secondary healthcare future and the potential challenges moving forward.

Digitally-enabled care: Improving patient care with technology

Medical professionals want to care for people. They don’t want to be pulled away from delivering the best possible patient care to battle with technology.

Find out how we turn a better understanding of technology into improved patient care outcomes.

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Brother Print Service for Health

Male doctor in white coat and stethoscope with female doctor in corridor of hospital

Worry about patients, not print costs

Keeping any medical practice running smoothly is the pinnacle of multitasking. That’s why we developed Brother Print Service for Health to support medical practitioners, while helping to cut print costs by up to 20%.

We work at your side to provide quick delivery of genuine and reliable ink and toner cartridges. Designed to be easy to understand, and take up as little time as possible, we only need a few details about your existing print systems before we can set up a supply strategy.

We operate across a transparent 36-month service agreement which includes:

  • A set price per quarter, based on your average print volume
  • No restrictions or limits, with annual price reviews
  • Easy ordering process for the supplies you need, with next business day delivery
  • In-built repairs service as part of the cost.

Our bespoke arrangements lower costs while providing the highest quality of service, so you can focus on patients, rather than administrative overheads. Our online portal is easy to use with next day delivery as standard to ensure your practice is always covered, whatever it needs.

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