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Brother UK extends Vitus Pro Cycling Team sponsorship

Brother UK is delighted to announce that Cherie Pridham’s professional cycling team will next year be called “Vitus Pro Cycling Team, powered by Brother UK.” 

While the Manchester-based technology firm supported the team this year, it was known as Vitus Pro Cycling Team. The “powered by Brother UK” extension reflects the company’s new status as supporting headline sponsor, which it will maintain for the next three years. 

Managing Director Phil Jones MBE said he was delighted that Brother UK had entered into a deeper relationship with Pridham’s team, which he believes shares the same values as the business he leads. The Derby-based squad is one of just a handful of British teams to gain UCI Continental status.

“When Brother UK makes a commitment to be ‘At Your Side’, we pledge to support our partners with honesty, integrity and professionalism, whether that partner is one of the hundreds of thousands of UK businesses who choose our technology and services each year, or a professional cycling team. 

“I witnessed the same values this year from Vitus Pro Cycling Team, making it a natural decision to become supporting title sponsor. This year, Cherie’s leadership and the manner in which her riders conducted themselves was exemplary. Next year, competing with a significantly strengthened squad, we anticipate results to equal their hard work and dedication.”

Cherie Pridham, the owner and manager of Vitus Pro Cycling Team, expressed her gratitude for Brother UK’s increased support, citing the company’s credibility within the cycling community. 

“The impact of Brother UK’s support extends even beyond its valued, three-year commitment to our team as supporting headline sponsor,” Pridham said. 

“Brother UK is one of only a handful of companies to win the trust and affection of professional cycling’s broad community of teams, riders and fans. To have a company as admired as Brother UK at our side for three years is an honour. We will do them proud.”

Brother UK’s commitment to UK cycle sport is long-established, comprehensive and on-going. Its three-year commitment to Pridham’s team embodies the focus on sustainability that drives the wider business. 

Under Jones’ leadership, Brother UK, a business celebrating its 50th anniversary, is pursuing the same goal of sustainability for its partners in professional cycling, a sport in which the long-term support of sponsors is rare. 

Vitus Pro Cycling Team is pioneering a new commercial model, in which supporters receive bespoke marketing assets that capture their shared values. Jones supports the team’s vision to achieve sustainability through comprehensive and measurable engagement. 

“We’re extremely proud of our commitment to UK cycle sport and delighted to be working with a team committed to delivering sponsor returns through their content strategy,” Jones said. 

"The days of just writing a cheque for a logo are evaporating and new business models are needed by teams to secure the sport’s long-term sustainability and their own. We’re happy to be at the forefront of this, working with Vitus Pro Cycling to develop a best practice model."

Brother UK will support four UK teams in 2019. Brother UK-FusionRT, an elite women’s team, Crimson Performance, and the new Brother UK-Tifosi p/b OnForm elite women’s team complete the portfolio. 

Additionally, Brother UK will continue to operate a fleet of neutral service support vehicles at many of Britain’s biggest races. The Brother-liveried vehicles have become synonymous with the UK racing scene, providing technical support at short notice.