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Tape Overview

3.5mm 6mm 12mm 18mm 24mm 36mm 9,0 mm

Security Laminated

Tamper evident label, that leaves a checkerboard pattern if removed so cannot be reapplied


Flexible ID Laminated

For labelling wires, cables and other objects with a small diameter

TZe-FX211 TZe-FX231 TZe-FX241 TZe-FX251 TZe-FX261 TZe-FX221
TZe-FX611 TZe-FX631 TZe-FX641 TZe-FX651 TZe-FX661 TZe-FX621

Strong Adhesive Laminated

Uses an extra strong adhesive for rough or textured surfaces

TZe-S211 TZe-S231 TZe-S241 TZe-S251 TZe-S261 TZe-S221
TZe-S631 TZe-S641 TZe-S651 TZe-S621
TZe-S131 TZe-S141 TZe-S151

Etching / Stencil Non-Laminated

Used as part of a chemical etching process, for permanently marking metals and glass

STe-141 STe-151 STe-161


For identification of network cables such as CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT6A patch cables

TZe-SL251 TZe-SL261
TZe-SL651 TZe-SL661

Flag Label Tapes

Flag Label Tapes

Flag Label Non-Laminated

Pre-sized (die-cut) labels used to identify fibre optic and other types of thin cables


Heat Shrink Tapes

5,2 mm 11,2 mm 21,0 mm 31,0 mm 9,0 mm Heat Shrink

Heat Shrink Tube Non-Laminated

Placed around wires and cables, this specialist tube shrinks and grips when heated, with a shrink ratio of 3:1

HSe-211E HSe-231E HSe-251E HSe-261E HSe-221E
HSe-611E HSe-631E HSe-651E HSe-661E HSe-621E