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Protect yourself from The Incompatibles

Inside every non-genuine ink or toner cartridge lurks a gang of monsters who love playing havoc with printers. Recent independent testing by Buyers Lab has shown the damage The Incompatibles could do if you use non-genuine supplies.

Brother Genuine Supplies

The Blur

The Blur likes nothing better than ruining your printouts. His streaky, smudgy footprints make documents look seriously unprofessional. He showed up for 90% of the non-genuine toner brands tested, delivering low-quality colour prints that weren’t deemed good enough to share externally.
Brother's meet the incompatibles

The Fader

He makes the most of poor toner adhesion to make details disappear. That leaves you open to tampering, as it’s easier to change printed documents by removing or changing numbers and text.
Brother Genuine Supplies

The Destructor

This little demon turns leaking cartridges into printer damage, causing premature wear of components. He was found in 100% of non-genuine toners tested by Buyers Lab, causing costly replacements and void warranties.
Brother Genuine Supplies

Mucky Pup

Mucky Pup causes a mess wherever he goes, leaking all over your hands, clothes and printouts and exposing them to potentially harmful chemicals. 80% of one non-genuine brand’s toners were leaking on arrival, rendering them unusable.
Brother Genuine Supplies

Mr Inconsistent

He loves to cause cartridge breakdowns and ruin page yields, resulting in you spending more on toners. In testing he caused one non-genuine brand to print 40,000 fewer pages than the Brother Genuine equivalent.

Why Brother Genuine Supplies?

Brother Genuine Supplies are developed by the same team of engineers who produce our printers. The result is superior quality printing you can rely on and a printer that’s protected from the harm caused by non-genuine supplies.

Independent testing by Buyers Lab, 2018*, showed:

  • One non-genuine brand printed 42,171 fewer pages than the Brother Genuine equivalent
  • 80% of one non-genuine brand’s toners were leaking straight out of the box
  • 90% of non-genuine brands delivered unacceptable colour photo print quality
  • 80% of non-genuine brands suffered severe toner adhesion issues
*Independent testing by Buyers Lab, 2018

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Brother Originals - 100% no monster guarantee

Now meet The Originals

The research is clear: Brother Genuine supplies are the only choice if you want high-quality, safe, reliable printing.

Non-genuine brands expose unnecessary risks – printer damage, increased costs, and even the possibility of document tampering. Keep The Incompatibles at bay. Use Brother Genuine Supplies for a 100% no monster guarantee.

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