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ADS-2200 desktop scanner

Choosing a fast desktop scanner

Designed with ease-of-use in mind, our range of fast desktop scanners are built with a variety of scanning features. With a selection of A4 scanners, you’ll be able to scan a variety of media including double-sided documents, receipts, plastic embossed ID cards and more all in one batch. 

When choosing a fast desktop scanner, you’ll want to consider the size of the documents you’ll need to regularly scan as well as the type of documents you’ll be scanning. 

If you regularly scan large format documents, Brother has a range of A4 fast desktop scanners for you to choose from. For everyday scanning purposes we have a range of A4 fast desktop scanners. 

                                          Things you can do with a fast desktop scanner


Scanning large documents

A fast document scanner will instantly improve your business’ efficiency when it comes to scanning large document batches. With high-volume mixed media auto-document feeders, you won’t need to scan your documents page by page. You’ll also be able to scan different formats of document in one batch. 


Specialised document scanning

For more specialised document scanning, our range of fast document scanners are equipped with the capability to scan embossed plastic ID cards and receipts. This is a perfect solution for business that need to keep accurate purchase and identification records. 


Automatic optimisation features

With a fast document scanner, you’ll be able to scan documents into a variety of formats to suit your needs. Enhanced optimisation features, such as hole punch removal and automatic de-skew, will ensure that your documents are presented professionally. 

Fast Desktop Scanners

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