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Benefits for paramedics and admissions staff

Paramedics are more efficient with the ability to produce patient records at the click of a button.

Pass over all updated records related to the patient so caregivers can administer the correct diagnosis and treatment.

Documentation is free from handwritten errors so staff receiving the patient's records can fully understand it.

Portable devices enable paramedics to update patient records on the move.

With no moving parts or ink spillages, our printers need little maintenance and offer enhanced reliability within a moving ambulance.

Paramedics can take advantage of Brother's in-vehicle solutions to help optimise their workflow.

Paramedic using PJ7 with tablet

From ambulance to hospital

Paramedics are under extreme pressure to secure the safety of patients, ensuring they reach the hospital as soon as is physically possible. Therefore, it is critical to maintain a workflow that is efficient and delivers 100% accuracy. This means the correct treatment is provided by the hospital.

Printing applications

  • Patient record (A4)  
  • Treatment report (A4) 

man printing A4 document in ambulance

Don't skip a beat 

Paramedics on the road have to be super efficient as every second counts when you are saving lives. That's why the Brother PJ-700 A4 mobile printer series boasts a range of accessories and features to help streamline workflows.

In-vehicle solutions

Brother provides an optional car mounting kit which enables paramedics to utilise the device in a fixed location within the vehicle.


Direct thermal printing means no moving parts, ink spillages or issues associated with extreme temperatures.

Easy to use

It's simple to operate and integrates seamlessly with a variety of host devices.

Wristband and patient file printing

Admitting the patient

Patient files and wristbands are the most essential form of patient identification. Accuracy is paramount for caregivers to ensure the correct treatment and medication is provided, as well as time saved for healthcare staff on-site.

"Labels are very useful. As soon as a person comes in we make small labels; they are used very widely. We do not have a backup solution other than doing it by hand, which is time consuming." 

French private clinic, Admissions & Billing Manager.

Printing applications

  • Patient file labels (up to 4 inch)  
  • Patient wristbands
  • Appointment cards / patient tickets (up to 4 inch) 

Benefits of the TD series

TD battery

Optional long life Li-ion battery

Go completely portable to offer care where it’s needed most. By adding this option, expensive and cumbersome powered carts are not necessary. 

TD spindle-less design

Spindleless design for easy loading of rolls and wristbands

Simply drop in larger diameter rolls meaning less downtime for caregivers. 

TD on desktop

Double the efficiency

Print both wristbands and labels from the same device. Fast, reliable and accurate face-up printing with no need for two devices.

TD printing labels

Compact footprint

Fits easily on carts or crowded desktops, freeing up space for other essential equipment.

Patient name badge print

Professional label printing

Our TD-4000 and QL-1100 series gives caregivers up to 4 inch high specification, high speed label printing technology that includes the following features:

  • Accepts up to 4” / 102 mm wide labels
  • Fast 110 mm/second print speed
  • Powerful ‘P-touch Editor’ barcode label design software included
  • Built in network option enables it to be placed anywhere
  • Print from various operating systems/software 


Paramedic using PJ-700

Simple to manage

Brother’s portable printing solutions use direct thermal printing technology, including A4, which has many important advantages for paramedics on the move. Brother direct thermal printers don't require ink or toner and have fewer moving parts which makes them incredibly reliable to use within an ambulance.

  • No ink or toner
  • Fewer moving parts
  • Reliable in harsh conditions

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