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Secure Print

Professional Print Security

Print security is a major concern for businesses and it’s crucial that any print solution is designed with robust measures in place to keep your data safe. Our professional printer range puts secure print first. Businesses are protected at the network level using end-to-end encryption and port-based access control, designed to let you connect and share documents with confidence. Plus, these professional devices use Automatic Intrusion Detection software to constantly monitor and protect against the threat of hacking. There’s the option of PIN and ID Card-protected printing to ensure printouts don’t fall into the wrong hands, and Secure Function Lock to give you better control of your print environment by restricting certain capabilities to specific users.

Professional printers designed with security in mind


Automatic Intrusion Detection software

✔ All Brother print and scan devices are secure by design
✔ Devices automatically recognise security attacks and take preventative measures

End-to-end encryption and Port-based control

✔ Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption
✔  Devices use cryptographic services to protect communications over IP networks

PIN and ID Card-protected printing

✔ Ensure valuable documents don't print until they are released by the machine's control panel
✔  Retrieve your printed documents in the confidence that they have not been read or taken by anyone else

The Designed for Business range

Is security a key issue your business faces?

Front cover of Brother's The print security blind spot e-book

The print security blind spot

We are living in the golden era for cybercrime. Theft and extortion against businesses is rife and those that fail to protect themselves effectively risk major financial losses and reputational damage. 

We've enlisted industry experts, such as Andy Barratt - the UK Managing Director at international cybersecurity agency, Coalfire - to provide insights into the hidden security threats posed by un-protected printers.

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Front cover of the Overlooked is unsecured e-book

Keeping your business safe with best practice printer configuration

It has never been more critical for businesses in the UK to evaluate their print security.

From pre-empting security threats to complying with privacy and data security legislation, organisations need to focus on strategies for securing their printing functions.

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